The Logic Behind PrinterLogic

Let’s start by defining logic in its simplest form: a reasonable way of thinking about something

Like most of history’s innovative thinkers, many of their inventions were powered by logical thinking. Apple, for example, was on the brink of bankruptcy for 12 consecutive years until 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to the company. Why was Apple a bust in the first place? The products were difficult to use, the vocabulary was too advanced, and it didn’t seem accessible to the average consumer. Jobs stepped in and made Apple products easy to use, simplified their messaging, and made the product accessible to all. Jobs understood what would benefit customers and his logic made Apple a $2.55 trillion company.  

We’re not comparing PrinterLogic to Apple, but reasonable thinking is the motivation behind developing our products. Print servers were developed in the 1980s, roughly around the time when the first commercially available cell phone was released—the DynaTAC (aka The Brick).

Have you seen anyone walking around with one of those bad boys on their ear recently? Sure you haven’t. They’re inconvenient and clunky. Plus, better options are out there.

Then why are print servers still a thing? 

Let us share some of the logic behind PrinterLogic.


How can PrinterLogic save you time?

Print servers were invented with good intentions. They provided IT teams with centralized management, a way to deploy printers through GPOs, and a delivery system for printer driver updates. Unfortunately, as technology has progressed and companies continue to scale, IT teams have been tasked with maintaining highly complex print environments, making it difficult to identify problems due to a lack of oversight. Not to mention, their central point of failure causes a massive dip in production if something goes awry. 

Print server management is one thing, but the amount of helpdesk calls from employees for minor printer issues is another beast. Gartner estimates that 50% of IT helpdesk calls are print related. This means IT teams are spending hours upon hours a day resolving print issues instead of executing their overall IT strategy. 

Our Logic: You don’t have to spend time on something that doesn’t exist! 

Operating under the mantra Eliminate Print Servers, PrinterLogic sets out to deliver its straightforward promise to customers across the globe. We greatly reduce the number of helpdesk calls to your IT team by empowering end users to find and install printers with our Self-Service Printer Installation Portal. There, employees can choose their desired printer via a company floor plan or a list. One or two clicks and end users have a printer ready to go. 


How can PrinterLogic save you money?

A report by Gartner estimates that companies spend an average of $5000 per year on licensing, storage, and maintenance for Windows print servers. This number may seem like chump change; however, if you’re a large company with thousands of printers and employ multiple print servers in different locations, these numbers add up. 

We’ve already mentioned helpdesk calls as a time-killer, but they may as well be cash-guzzlers. Global Help Desk Services calculates that the average cost per helpdesk ticket is $25. If a company averages 500 calls monthly, it can expect to spend a whopping $12,500. 

Perhaps the most understated reason money is wasted on printing is the lack of insight admins have into their print environment. When admins are unable to identify printing habits on the user, device, and organizational level, how can they possibly know where company dollars are going?

Our Logic: More insight equals money saved.

After PrinterLogic eliminates your print servers and moves you to its SaaS platform, you’ll have access to advanced reporting capabilities. This enables administrators to see printing activity across your entire organization. Reports are sent to the Admin Console where administrators can collect data and answer valuable questions about the cost of printing on a single printer or identify the cost of toner and paper for the entire organization.

Looking to stay within a budget? No worries. We have a Print Quota Management feature that helps organizations stay within their print budget and gives admins control over how much a user or group can print by volume or price. You set the limit and let Print Quota Management do the heavy lifting. 


How can PrinterLogic help companies keep up with today’s security standards?

You’ve heard of Zero Trust Network Architecture by now, right? If you haven’t, it’s the new standard that security organizations are embracing to secure their data and reduce the blast radius if an attack does happen. Cyber attackers are getting more crafty, but in particular, they are able to exploit the security shortcomings of legacy infrastructure. Security lapses like PrintNightmare, for instance, could have been avoided if companies had moved to modern printing methods. 

To put it simply—no print servers, no PrintNightmare. 

But this is just one piece of the puzzle. Printers themselves are a very vulnerable endpoint. So much so that companies are beginning to lose confidence in their ability to secure them. According to a study by Quocirca, 74% of companies don’t think they can attain a secure print environment. It’s clear to organizations that print security is essential within their digital infrastructure. But how do you achieve maximum print security?

Our Logic: It’s hard to attack a print environment that is (micro)segmented and constantly updating. 

With PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing platform in place, your company’s print jobs are no longer being sent to a print server or placed in a print queue, so there is virtually no opportunity for documents to be intercepted when they are being delivered to the printer. Thanks to microsegmentation on the workstation and device level, other devices are not at risk of being exposed if a breach does happen.  

PrinterLogic’s cloud-native SaaS solution is dynamic and constantly updating behind the scenes to improve functionality and make sure pre-existing security gaps are closed. Your IT team no longer has to go into panic mode waiting for a new security patch or live in fear of falling behind on updates in general. To sum it up, we’re constantly working to keep cyber attackers out. 


How can PrinterLogic make IT’s lives easier?

We’ll keep this one short since the goal is to keep it simple

It’s the year 2022. IT directors and their teams are struggling to reign in their print environment. The complexities of traditional print environments leave IT teams feeling unproductive and unable to tackle other tasks. Remember the stat “50% of helpdesk calls are print related” mentioned earlier? We know you’re biting off more than you can chew. 

Our Logic: Less is more. 

PrinterLogic offers benefits way beyond printing: 

  • One less print server means more savings.
  • Less print-related work means more time to pursue other projects.
  • Less stress means a happier work life. 
  • Fewer complexities mean more accountability.

You get the gist. 

Eliminate print servers. Rest easy with PrinterLogic.