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Take Advantage of Our Citrix Printing Solutions

Citrix printing is no walk in the park—and neither is finding the right Citrix printing solution for your environment. We hear that time and again from IT professionals who’ve spent untold hours troubleshooting Citrix printer installations or struggling with managing Citrix drivers. And not only do they say that Citrix printing problems like these are a frequent occurrence, they know from speaking with colleagues that they’re not alone in that experience. Despite the incremental addition of requested features like auto printer creation, the Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS), and session-based printing over the years, Citrix printing has been and remains one of the most frustrating aspects of this otherwise powerful and scalable virtual desktop solution.

Yet there’s hope. As more and more organizations are discovering, PrinterLogic provides a cost-effective, next-generation enterprise print management solution that does what frustrated system admins have thought was impossible: It restores control, stability, and ease of use to seemingly unmanageable Citrix printing scenarios. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the wider Citrix environment, so it functions as smoothly and as intuitively as a native solution. Simply put, PrinterLogic and Citrix are an ideal match.

Most importantly, PrinterLogic doesn’t force you to adopt a certain method of Citrix printing. It gives you the flexibility to choose between three different Citrix printing solutions:

  1. Citrix Universal Printer: You can use PrinterLogic to provision direct IP printers to the endpoint device, then print to the Citrix Universal Printer. This avoids common problems with Citrix drivers because it allows for driverless printing. You also avoid other Citrix printing problems by capitalizing on PrinterLogic’s simplified administration, which makes installing, changing and removing printers much easier.
  2. Citrix auto-created printers: Here, too, you can use PrinterLogic to provision direct IP printers to the endpoint device but then use the Citrix auto-creation or redirection features instead. As with the Citrix Universal Printer, you can harness print job compression and PrinterLogic’s simplified administration along with driverless Citrix printing.
  3. Session printers: This solution involves provisioning direct IP session printers in PrinterLogic. It allows you to tap into additional print management features, such as proximity (aka location-based) printing and our solution’s renowned self-service printer installation portal, which gives end users the ability to identify and install nearby printers with a single click. Plus you can use PrinterLogic to deploy new Citrix drivers and printers without having to rely on group policy objects (GPOs) and other rights management tools.

Because of this flexibility and seamless integration, PrinterLogic sidesteps many of the common issues that cause Citrix printing problems such as print spooler crashes, printing policies, difficult universal printer drivers, and improper printer deployment. This means you can have all the benefits of a leading virtualization solution with none of the Citrix printing drawbacks. And that’s not all. With PrinterLogic, your organization can even eliminate its print servers entirely, further reducing your IT infrastructure and all the related costs of purchase, operation and maintenance.

It’s not just the server admins who will be relieved that they’re no longer dealing with Citrix printing problems. Your end users might not know about the complexity of managing Citrix drivers or deploying printers dynamically without PrinterLogic, but they’ll certainly see how printing is transformed once PrinterLogic’s Citrix printing solution is implemented.