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Struggling with Citrix Print Driver Management? We Can Help

Citrix printing is one of those reluctant necessities in the enterprise. Your organization would be completely stuck and unproductive without it, which is of course, not something you or your end users really look forward to.Part of that comes down to the poor state of Citrix print management. Multiple printing methods, limited control and the inability to deploy printers with rock-solid reliability make it difficult for IT to ensure that every user is automatically and consistently able to print to their desired printer.

Another ongoing problem with Citrix print management concerns Citrix print drivers — specifically, ensuring compatibility and managing them in a way that doesn’t create the kind of instability and conflict that causes downtime. This can be a particular problem with legacy printing devices that might not have updated drivers. It’s also problematic in Citrix printing environments that have a broad mix of printing devices.

PrinterLogic specializes in making print management as effortless as possible, even in virtual environments like Citrix. So if you find that you’re struggling with managing Citrix print drivers—and, believe me, you’re not alone—you can rely on PrinterLogic’s next-generation Citrix print management software to integrate seamlessly with your virtual solution and provide you with an unprecedented level of control over your Citrix printing and driver management.

Unlike some other solutions that claim to support Citrix printing, PrinterLogic doesn’t restrict you to a specific printing method or force you to adopt a new paradigm. With PrinterLogic you can deploy printers intro Citrix sessions in any of the following ways:

  • Citrix Universal Printer: By using our solution to provision direct IP printers to the endpoint device and then having that device print to the Citrix Universal Printer, you gain support for home printers and benefit from PrinterLogic’s simplified administration as well as flexible driverless printing.
  • Citrix auto-created printers: Like the above method, using PrinterLogic in conjunction with the auto-create/redirect option in Citrix printing provides support for print job compression and much easier administration of printers and drivers.
  • Session printers: Here you can leverage the power of PrinterLogic to provision direct IP printers into each session, delivering benefits like proximity printing for location-based printer deployment, instant printer creation, self-service printer installation for end users, and no need for rights management.

Whichever method you choose, PrinterLogic brings unparalleled control and simplicity to your Citrix print management. If you choose to use the Citrix Universal Printer alongside PrinterLogic, you can sidestep potential conflicts with Citrix print drivers for legacy or unsupported devices while enjoying an ease of administration that no other print management solution can deliver. Alternatively, if you opt to use discrete printer drivers, PrinterLogic’s robustness and intuitive centralized management console will allow your IT team to conveniently access and maintain a working repository of Citrix print drivers.

The next time you’re shaking your fist at the complications that are an inevitable part of Citrix print management, remember: They’re not inevitable! PrinterLogic can help you better manage Citrix print drivers and regain total control over Citrix printing with our cost-effective print management solution for virtual environments.