Stop Worrying About Citrix Compatible Printers

Posted by Jordan Pusey

Virtual environments are great, but some of their demands would put divas and rock stars to shame. With Citrix, for instance, it’s necessary to identify and acquire the specific printers supported on Citrix Virtual Apps, else you could run into numerous compatibility problems. That limits choice and has the potential to drive up the costs of purchase or replacement, particularly when upgrading to newer versions of Citrix with different hardware requirements.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a solution that allowed your organization to enjoy the advantages of Citrix environments while conducting Citrix printing on your own terms?

PrinterLogic is an enterprise print management solution that integrates seamlessly with any Citrix environment to expand your options beyond the restrictions imposed by Citrix printing compatibility. Its flexibility means you can use any printer—even legacy models or niche brands, not just the printers supported by Citrix Virtual Apps—while its robustness minimizes such issues as driver conflicts and incorrect deployments that can affect even the most by-the-book Citrix printing scenarios.

Because of PrinterLogic’s incredible versatility, you’re able choose among three different Citrix printer provisioning methods to best suit your print environment: Using the Citrix Universal Printer, using session printers, or using Citrix auto-created printers through PrinterLogic’s powerful direct IP session provisioning. Each method brings its own benefits, which include:

  • Print job compression: PrinterLogic takes advantage of the ICA protocol, which optimizes WAN bandwidth usage and accelerates overall network performance by compressing print jobs immediately after they are initiated.
  • Proximity printing: By building on the Citrix printing backbone, PrinterLogic can automatically deploy session printers to users depending on variables like Active Directory (AD) computer, group or organizational unit (OU) membership; hardware (MAC) or IP address; and more. If users roam during a session or reconnect from a different endpoint device, PrinterLogic dynamically removes old printers and deploys printers near the new location.
  • Self-service portal: Session users can take advantage of PrinterLogic’s acclaimed web-based portal to easily identify, select and install nearby printers themselves with a single click. This has been proven to lead to drastic reductions in routine calls to the service desk, saving time and costs.
  • No more rights management: PrinterLogic makes deployment a breeze through intuitive criteria configurations, eliminating the need for scripts and complex group policy objects (GPOs).
  • Driverless printing: To ensure maximum compatibility with the widest range of devices, PrinterLogic enables Citrix printing with the Citrix Universal Printer as well as their built in Citrix universal driver..
  • Effortless centralized management: Administer every printer and driver throughout the enterprise from a single pane of glass. Quickly make individual profile edits on the fly or push out bulk changes during downtime. All your organization’s printers and printer drivers are automatically managed and updated on all Citrix servers.

So stop worrying about which printers are compatible with Citrix and which ones aren’t. PrinterLogic makes Citrix printing work for you—not the other way around.