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Stop Deploying Printers Using Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and Scripts

Even on the best of days, print management using traditional solutions can be an exercise in abject despair. One of the most basic requirements of any print environment is to have the right printers delivered to the right users at the right time, and yet convoluted delivery methods like group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts are still the most common ways to do so. As if their complexity weren’t enough, script-based and GPO printer deployment have serious drawbacks in real-world applications, such as unreliability and prolonged logon times.

If you currently deploy printers via GPO, now’s the time to look into PrinterLogic. Our next-generation print management solution enables you to eliminate scripts and GPOs through its powerful and unique combination of direct IP printing and intuitive centralized management. Instead of resorting to GPO printer deployment, you can set up deployment protocols that deliver specific printers to specific users—instantly, accurately and reliably. Unlike the constraints you might encounter when you deploy a printer using group policy, printer deployments in PrinterLogic can be carried out individually or en masse, one-time or automated, with none of the usual concerns over failed deployments.

That doesn’t just spare you aggravation. It also saves costs. When you automatically install a printer via GPO or scripting for your end users, the list of things that can go wrong—especially in a dynamic and enterprise-scale workplace—is a long one. And when a GPO printer fails to install, the end user invariably winds up calling the service desk to sort things out. That phone call ties up your support staff as well as the end user, sapping morale and reducing productivity by keeping them from focusing on more important issues. The independent research firm TechValidate surveyed PrinterLogic customers and found that 77% of them reduced print-related helpdesk calls by 30% or more (TVID: AC0-21B-DC5), which can translate to impressive ROI.

In most cases, attempting to deploy a printer via GPO also requires elevated rights. So even when the user takes the time to call the service desk, the support staff is often unable to help without admin privileges. By leveraging PrinterLogic’s advanced deployment methods instead of trying to deploy a printer with group policy, it’s possible for ordinary IT support staff to create, edit and remove printer deployment assignments without fear of them altering mission-critical settings.

But eliminating scripts or GPO printer deployment doesn’t mean compromising on the precision or scope of deployment. In fact, PrinterLogic gives you granular control over which user gets which printer. PrinterLogic integrates seamlessly with Active Directory (AD) to give you a variety of deployment criteria: user, computer, group, container, organizational unit (OU), MAC address or even IP range.

Using PrinterLogic instead of scripts also allows for quicker logons. Instead of installing the printer during the login sequence, PrinterLogic waits until login is complete and then silently installs the printer in the background. The installation process is just as invisible to the user, but they’ll definitely take note of the faster logon times.

Another important advantage of PrinterLogic is its expanded default printer options. In stark contrast to the limitations when you install a printer using GPO, PrinterLogic allows you to set a default printer on a one-time basis, each time a user (or pool of users) logs in, or based on a user’s current location. And as proof of how easy PrinterLogic’s centralized management console is to use, you can set those default options simply by ticking a checkbox. All of this is done without scripts and from a single pane of glass for the entire organization.

PrinterLogic’s on-premises print management solution—along with our new cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, PrinterCloud—show that GPO printer deployment and scripts have been superseded by an approach that is more reliable, more versatile, more cost-effective and much easier to use. And because implementing PrinterLogic is fast and seamless, it could be no time at all before you deploy your last printer via group policy or script.