Solved: Citrix Printing Delay

We’ve covered—and solved!—several common Citrix printing problems (such as WAN vulnerabilities and Virtual Apps-specific issues) in previous blog posts, but this time I’d like to concentrate on one that’s slightly more broad but no less frustrating: the Citrix printing delay.

Whether you’re a seasoned Citrix expert or you’ve just launched a Citrix environment in your organization for the first time, your head might be nodding at the mention of a Citrix printing delay. Citrix solutions bring a huge list of advantages to your computing experience, as we all know, but it’s also not unusual for admins to find that Citrix printing is slow.

And when Citrix printing is slow, your end users start to grow agitated. That’s never fun.

There are a number of reasons why the speed of your Citrix printing might be suffering, and nearly all of them have to do with the nature of a virtual environment, regardless of whether you’re dealing with thick, thin or zero clients. When a print job is forced to make one or more network hops across the WAN as it travels between the remote client and the local printer, the risk increases that it will encounter bandwidth restrictions or interruptions in WAN connectivity. There are simply more variables, more moving parts, more potential points of failure, and they all cause speed-related Citrix printing problems.

PrinterLogic is the ideal solution to the Citrix printing delay. With its ability to integrate seamlessly into any Citrix environment, PrinterLogic acts as a replacement or complement to your preferred method of Citrix printing. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Citrix Universal Printer, auto-created printers or session printers: Unlike many self-styled Citrix printing solutions, PrinterLogic is versatile and powerful enough to be deployed alongside Citrix without compromising any of the features you need and enjoy.

How does PrinterLogic address printing speed in Citrix with such success? It has to do with the distinctive way our next-generation solution fuses direct IP printing with centralized management. By establishing direct connections between remote clients and local printers, PrinterLogic is able to reduce WAN usage and all its inevitable pitfalls in Citrix printing scenarios. Print jobs can now be routed straight from the client to the printer and will no longer be susceptible to WAN outages or bottlenecking.

But PrinterLogic goes one step further. It restores ease and simplicity to Citrix print management, creating an additional bulwark against the kinds of printer installation hiccups and driver issues that can also cause Citrix printing to be slow.

For example, PrinterLogic eliminates group policy deployment errors by eliminating GPOs and scripts from Citrix print management altogether. With PrinterLogic, you can now deliver printers to users automatically and accurately on the basis of a whole host of Active Directory criteria—and even improve proximity (or location-based) printing in dynamic Citrix environments.

PrinterLogic also has a convenient self-service printer installation portal than enables end users to identify and safely install nearby printers with a single click. Not only does this avoid the myriad Citrix printing problems that stem from failed deployments, it also means that end users are getting the closest or most practical printer, which keeps Citrix printing from becoming slow.

That boost in speed and reliability is something they’ll appreciate more than brand new computers. And your helpdesk will too.

You might also be pleased to discover that PrinterLogic can eliminate print servers too, which removes yet another point of failure from your print environment as well as the headache—and cost—that print servers inevitably bring. That’s how PrinterLogic does more than just speed up Citrix printing. It also streamlines Citrix print management.