Simplifying End-User Printer Installation

Posted by Andrew Miller

Of all the headaches that are associated with managing an enterprise print environment, what would you say is the at the root of most of those issues?

If you said “printer installation,” you’ll find yourself with plenty of company. With traditional print management solutions, the list of things that can go wrong is endless. A driver incompatibility or one mistyped setting can lead to hours of troubleshooting.

Installation also frequently forces end users with varying levels of computer skills to meet skilled IT professionals halfway. That’s why routine printer installs account for so many service desk calls: “I’m not seeing the new printer.” “It says there’s been an error and to contact the system administrator.” “There are three printers available to install. Which one do I choose?” “My old printer was working yesterday, but now the new one isn’t.” You and your support team are probably all too familiar with comments like those—not to mention the frustration and confusion that usually accompany them.

But what if you could make routine printer installation for end users as easy as a mouse click?

That’s not a pipe dream—that’s exactly what you get with PrinterLogic. No wonder a whopping 89% of our customers surveyed in a independent TechValidate study say that PrinterLogic helped them simplify end-user printer installation.

TechValidate TechFact: Simplified End User Printer Installation

PrinterLogic achieves such impressive figures in this area by doing what it does best: simplifying the complexity of enterprise print environments. Our print management solution provides a single consistent printer installation portal across your entire organization, so every employee sees the same easy-to-use interface regardless of their location or department. These end users can then easily browse, select and automatically install the correct printer. You can even upload an optional floor plan, making printer installation as intuitive as clicking the desired spot on a map.

Of course, the end users are only presented with what’s necessary for proper, painless installation. On the backend, you and your IT team are able to deploy those printers to specific Active Directory users, computers, groups, containers and even IP address ranges. That way, you retain complete control over configuration and deployment, but end users are given the confidence and empowerment to install printers by themselves without relying on service desk assistance. It’s a win-win situation that saves time and boosts productivity.

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describing PrinterLogic’s self-installation portal in a bit more detail.