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Simplify Your VDI/Remote Session Printing

Posted by Jordan Pusey

Printing is often the final piece of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) puzzle. Your end users are all set up and successfully connected to a remote session from an endpoint device, but then they need to print a document to a physical printer that might very well be located just a few feet away—only to find that it’s unavailable. The solution to this common problem lies in simplifying virtual desktop printing for admins as well as users throughout the organization. But how?

PrinterLogic makes remote session printing both reliable and manageable because it removes that element of uncertainty from remote and VDI printing. Thanks to PrinterLogic’s streamlined approach to enterprise print management, you can easily deploy network printers or direct IP printers into remote and VDI sessions automatically based on criteria that you specify, such as:

  • The name of the endpoint device
  • IP address
  • Active Directory (AD) group, organizational unit (OU) or container membership of the endpoint device
  • AD user or group membership of the user who is logging on

You can even set the default printer automatically for the initial session or for all future sessions. Because very few enterprise environments are entirely homogeneous, most of the above options apply to Windows and non-Windows endpoint devices alike. And it doesn’t take convoluted Group Policy Objects or advanced scripting to get a handle on virtual desktop printing. It’s all made possible through straightforward configuration in PrinterLogic’s central administration console.

PrinterLogic also simplifies virtual desktop printing through smart, practical features like dynamic deployment. Let’s say the end user disconnects from one session and joins from a different endpoint device. The printers that were installed according to the previous endpoint device’s deployment criteria will be silently and automatically removed, then new printers will be added according to the current endpoint device’s deployment criteria.

Not only does this make administration of remote session printing much simpler, it actually speeds up remote login times for the end user because there are no remote desktop printing login scripts or GPOs to process before establishing each session. Printers are instantly created within the session, so end users can get to work—and get printing—without delay, increasing productivity.

Of course, automation isn’t desirable in every case for remote desktop printing. That’s where PrinterLogic’s self-service portal comes in. This portal empowers end users to install their own printers using a convenient and intuitive web-based interface. No matter what their skill level or location, end users will be able to identify, select and install nearby printers with a single click.

VDI and remote environments can be tricky enough to maintain without the added complexity of printing. PrinterLogic simplifies virtual desktop printing so you can be sure your end users are getting the right printers as soon as they need them.