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Self-Service Printer Installation from PrinterLogic

Posted by Andrew Miller

There’s an underutilized resource in your organization. It’s abundant, available on demand, and extremely cost-effective.

It’s your end users.

Whereas traditional print management solutions like print servers have tended to treat end users like an obstacle, next-generation solutions like PrinterLogic are changing that mindset by enabling self-service printer installation.

PrinterLogic’s Self-service portal empowers your end users to perform routine tasks, such as printer installation, entirely by themselves. That might sound risky, but it actually saves time and money by leveraging the underutilized strength of your user base.

However, it has to be done right. You can’t just turn a conventional printing environment into a free-for-all and hope that you don’t run into issues.

That’s where PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management solution comes in. Our acclaimed self-service printer installation portal enables end users to identify and install nearby authorized printers—along with any corresponding drivers—with a single click. All they have to do is visit a dedicated internal page using their web browser and click on the desired printer. To make it even easier, PrinterLogic’s self-service printer installation portal also allows you to upload floorplan maps that show local printers in relation to the physical layout of the workplace. That way, even new employees or roaming users can get a quick fix on which printers are close by.

That last point actually highlights one of the additional benefits of enabling self-service printer installations. Greater autonomy means greater flexibility. So when users visit different offices or move to new locations, they already have the confidence and the ability to install printers themselves without having to struggle with convoluted printer mapping processes or phone calls to the service desk. By avoiding the usual hiccups, they can transition across the organization quickly and smoothly, even in highly distributed environments

PrinterLogic’s centralized management console also makes it easy for admins to set up printer assignments. You have the ability to view and manage printers anywhere in the organization from a single pane of glass, and the intuitive interface makes print management effortless—no matter whether you’re changing settings for individual printers or the entire fleet. Seamless integration with Active Directory (AD) gives you fine-grained control over which users are able to access which printers.

All this puts a lot of power over printing back into the hands of end users—safely and securely. And, as you can imagine, self-service printer installations remove a huge burden from the shoulders of your IT support staff because they no longer have to deal with installation-related calls to the service desk. One federal government agency was able to reduce print-related service desk calls by 70% (TVID: 9B7-248-E75) after implementing PrinterLogic, while a Fortune 500 company achieved a stunning 90% drop in those calls (TVID: 4AF-AC8-2C9). That equates to significant cost savings and ROI.

There’s a lot to be gained from empowering your end users with the ability to install printers on their own, and the way to do that is by using PrinterLogic’s self-service printer installation portal. But not all print management solutions can promise the simplicity and reliability of PrinterLogic. And though our customers’ experiences speak for themselves, we encourage you to trial for PrinterLogic in your organization and see how self-service printer installations—along with a host of other great features—can transform print management. Demo our on-premises solution or our all-new, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution free for 30 days.