PrinterLogic SaaS Now Features Control Panel Applications for All Major Printer Brands

When we launched PrinterLogic’s all-new Control Panel Platform last summer, we were super excited about how it would augment the secure release printing capabilities of our serverless printing infrastructure.

Our customers were excited, too, because it meant their end users would be able to view and release print jobs more quickly, conveniently and securely than ever.

We kicked things off with the PrinterLogic Canon Control Panel Application (CPA). Along with being certified by Canon for full compatibility, it showcased the universal benefits of our new platform. Those include:

  • Improved responsiveness. CPAs based on our latest version Control Panel Platform are faster to load and quicker to release secure print jobs.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) firmware support. PrinterLogic’s new CPAs function as both the SSO “provider” and “listener.” That allows for smoother user authentication.
  • Easier administration. Installing our latest CPAs is the streamlined process that you’d expect from our intuitive print management software. IT also has access to better error handling and troubleshooting tools.
  • A uniform experience. Since they’re based on a common platform, PrinterLogic CPAs provide a more consistent user interface and functionality across different printer brands.

Not long after we debuted our Canon CPA, we announced the availability of PrinterLogic’s CPA for Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs).

That release also introduced support for dual-factor authentication, a practice that’s already very common in government, financial, healthcare and legal circles. Configuring the PrinterLogic CPA for dual-factor authentication requires users to swipe their ID badge as well as enter a PIN to authenticate. That extra layer of security helps confidential documents stay secure.

Updated CPAs for every major printer manufacturer

So far, PrinterLogic has issued the latest version of our CPAs for four global brands: Canon, Sharp, HP and Xerox. Customers who use PrinterLogic SaaS, our cloud-based serverless printing infrastructure, can already make use of those control panel applications on the many supported MFPs.

And by mid-2020, we’ll have expanded support to include three more major brands: Konica-Minolta, Ricoh and Lexmark. That means serverless secure printing with PrinterLogic SaaS and CPA-based release will be possible for 95% of all installed MFPs around the world.

That’s a pretty big milestone. Especially when you consider that PrinterLogic SaaS is still the only solution to deliver secure release printing from the cloud without requiring a traditional print server infrastructure.

Added security with more flexibility

Security should be a natural, fluid part of the printing workflow. That’s why PrinterLogic SaaS gives you rich options for how you actually implement serverless secure printing. Depending on your print management setup, the following release mechanisms are available to end users:

  • Badge: If you have a badge or ID card system, users can authenticate by swiping their badge through an integrated or connected reader.
  • Badge plus PIN: First, the user swipes as outlined above. Then they enter their PIN code on the PrinterLogic CPA.
  • User ID plus PIN: In this case, both authentication steps are done using the CPA. 
  • Mobile release app: PrinterLogic’s Print Release App is like a CPA in users’ pockets. It lets them authenticate and release or delete their jobs right from their iOS and Android smartphones. 

These convenient release methods work in conjunction with our serverless printing infrastructure to lock down sensitive info. By design, PrinterLogic SaaS holds secure print jobs on the user’s workstation—not a shared print server—until they’re released through authentication. That removes an otherwise potential security risk for malicious individuals or groups.