PrinterLogic SaaS Is Printer-Agnostic – Here’s What That Means and Why It Matters

In tech circles, certain software solutions are often described as platform-agnostic. Which is a shorthand way of saying that they work with pretty much any operating system.

PrinterLogic SaaS is one of those solutions that could be called platform-agnostic. Our serverless printing infrastructure works across macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS and even VDI environments to provide seamless, reliable cloud-based printing capabilities to workstations, laptops and mobile devices. But that’s just one way of looking at it.

As most IT pros know, clients are only half of the print-management equation. The other half is the printers themselves. If your print-management software can’t ensure compatibility with virtually any printing device, that raises your risk of encountering day-to-day printing issues now and in the future.

That’s why another good way to describe PrinterLogic SaaS is printer-agnostic.

What We Mean by Printer-Agnostic

Printer-agnostic means that our serverless printing infrastructure offers near-universal compatibility with the various kinds of networked printing devices found across the enterprise.

From inkjets to business-class laser printers, photocopiers to multifunction printers (MFPs), PrinterLogic SaaS is able to support the most diverse or specialized printer fleets. Whatever the make or model of the printer, admins can manage and deploy it using PrinterLogic’s convenient web-based console. And end users can print to that printer easily and reliably.

That broad compatibility might sound surprising. After all, PrinterLogic SaaS is designed to eliminate print servers from your print environment. So it’s tempting to think that removing print servers means giving up support for different printer types.

Yet it’s actually the opposite. PrinterLogic’s serverless printing is what gets rid of a major source of incompatibility: the print server itself.

Why printer-agnostic matters

There are tons of immediate benefits to a printer-agnostic serverless printing solution. It means you could migrate your enterprise print environment to PrinterLogic SaaS today. On top of eliminating print servers, you’ll start enjoying pain-free printing and print management right away.

Speaking of print management, one huge advantage of PrinterLogic SaaS is that it features a common driver repository for all your printers. Instead of maintaining multiple instances and versions of drivers across several servers, admins can easily deploy, update and even roll back drivers for the entire fleet. All from the same screen, all with just a few clicks.

PrinterLogic’s serverless print management doesn’t only mean smoother sailing with your current printer fleet, either. It also has implications for the future.

Let’s say your managed print services provider or CTO recommends swapping out brand X printers for brand Y. With PrinterLogic SaaS, that’s not even a concern. You can replace individual printers or the whole fleet as your organization evolves.

That translates to a fully future-proof and optimized print environment in terms of:

  • Cost: When printer compatibility isn’t a factor, affordability can take higher priority when choosing printers.
  • Efficiency: Flexibility of choice also means being able to pick the right printer for the right task.
  • Scalability: Admins can effortlessly rotate, add or remove printers to meet the changing demands of their organization.
  • Ease of use: Being printer-agnostic means features like self-service printer installation and serverless pull printing are available to every end user.