PrinterLogic SaaS Is OS Platform-Agnostic for Maximum Compatibility

Of the dozens of IT pain points, one of the most common has to be ensuring compatibility between all the components that make up an IT environment.

Compatibility would be less of an issue if everything were uniform throughout the entire organization. But we all know that’s not how things work in the real world. As hard as you might try to maintain consistency in hardware and software, today’s IT environments are a mix of operating systems: Chromebooks, mobile devices running iOS or Android, Windows-based PCs and even the occasional Linux machine.

With BYOD policies gaining traction by the nanosecond, things have become even more varied. All of this puts an enormous burden on IT. Nowhere has that burden been heavier than in the print environment.

Ensuring compatibility through serverless printing

Constant compatibility issues—especially where printing is concerned—has led a lot of IT pros to try and eliminate print servers from their print environments. Serverless printing is what makes that possible. By eliminating print servers in favor of serverless printing, you remove one unnecessary variable from the IT equation. 

While serverless printing has the potential to avoid compatibility issues, a lot of that potential comes down to your choice of solution. Something that’s just a glorified “serverless print server” could come saddled with the same limitations and headache that you were trying to escape.

And what good is migrating to a serverless printing solution if you’re just going to have to add new workarounds to make sure it works with the rest of your environment? That’s just exchanging one lackluster setup for another one.

PrinterLogic SaaS is truly OS platform-agnostic

PrinterLogic SaaS is the proven way to eliminate print servers without compromising on OS compatibility. Our serverless printing infrastructure allows IT admins to manage any workstation using our admin console to deploy printers. It doesn’t matter whether that workstation is running Windows, macOS, Linux or even Chrome OS. You can manage it from a single pane of glass.

That’s because PrinterLogic SaaS doesn’t just focus on making serverless printing easy. It also puts a lot of emphasis on making serverless print management easy too.

Aside from the obvious benefits, being OS platform-agnostic has some additional perks:

  • Backwards compatibility: Even if you’re an all-Windows shop, chances are that you have a few workstations running older Windows versions. PrinterLogic SaaS lets you extend full-featured printing support to those legacy machines.
  • Future compatibility: The big appeal of serverless printing is its flexibility. With PrinterLogic SaaS and its cross-platform print management, you’re future-proofing your print environment for the OSes of tomorrow.
  • Advanced printing features: Because it’s OS platform-agnostic, PrinterLogic SaaS allows you to introduce features like serverless secure printing across your print environment—regardless of the workstation’s OS.

There’s even more in store

Soon serverless print management with PrinterLogic SaaS will get even easier. Our native Chrome OS Client Extension will bring PrinterLogic’s centrally managed direct-IP printing to enterprise environments that are adding more and more Chromebooks to their fleet.

Currently the Chrome OS Client Extension is scheduled to roll out in Q2 of this year.

No matter how varied your print environment is, our platform-agnostic—and printer-agnostic—serverless printing solution eliminates print servers while turning OS compatibility into a non-issue.