Print Servers Not Printing? Eliminate Them!

Posted by Andrew Miller

We certainly hear our share of print server horror stories. Print servers crashing due to driver and software conflicts, instantly forcing printing to a halt. Print servers not showing all printers, even though the printers have been deployed properly. Print servers hanging on backlogged or stuck print queues, requiring an admin to purge all current print jobs. Or print servers not working as expected, much to the frustration of end users and support staff alike.

Usually these horror stories play out simply enough. They start with an end user (or multiple end users) clicking “Print” but no print job appearing on the desired printer. That’s followed by a lot of angry but familiar complaints to their co-workers: “Where’s my print job? Why doesn’t this stupid thing ever print when you need it to? Why is it so hard just to print out a simple document?”

Once the end user is frustrated and irate, then comes the call to the service desk. Those familiar complaints are repeated to the technician on the other end. Then the support staff has to swing into action and troubleshoot the problem. Depending on how long it takes to trace the issue back to its root cause, anywhere from several minutes to several hours can pass before printing is able to resume. Meanwhile, end users are experiencing flared tempers and diminished productivity.

Why is it that, when a print server is not working for the umpteenth time, organizations don’t immediately start looking for an alternative print management solution? It’s like an unhealthy relationship. As much hassle as print servers are, as much time and money as they waste, some organizations keep going back to them like they’re the only game in town. If only their mothers had warned them about how bad print servers can be!

When you’re regularly faced with problems like a print server not working, or a print server not showing all printers, maybe it’s time to kick those print servers to the curb. And PrinterLogic gives you that option. Our print management solution allows organizations of any size and in any sector to completely eliminate print servers.

Even more importantly, there’s no loss of printing functionality in doing so. In fact, PrinterLogic’s print management solution delivers enhanced functionality and increased ease of use with a much smaller footprint. By migrating away from print servers to PrinterLogic, you stand to gain:

  • Centralized administration: Monitor and manage the entire print environment—no matter how distributed your organization—from a single pane of glass. Our web-based management console has a convenient but powerful GUI that allows admins to perform most functions with a few clicks.
  • End-user empowerment: Your end users are more self-sufficient than you might think. PrinterLogic’s intuitive, consistent self-service portal gives end users the ability to easily locate and safely install nearby printers without ever having to call the service desk.
  • Streamlined print management: Stop struggling with group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts to achieve targeted deployments and installations. PrinterLogic’s print management solution consistently delivers the right printers to the right users – even in virtual environments like Citrix and VMware.
  • Advanced printing tools: Modern workplaces are dynamic. They also prize security. Sometimes those qualities are at odds. But not with PrinterLogic: Our optional Pull Printing and Mobile Printing modules integrate seamlessly with your print environment to bring your entire organization unprecedented ease of use and oversight.

So next time you’re dealing with a print server crashing, a print server not showing all printers, a print server not printing, or just a print server not working as it should, keep this in mind: You’ve got choices. With PrinterLogic, you can eliminate print servers along with all their attendant costs and headache while improving your organization’s print environment.