Print Optimization for Enterprise Corporations

Posted by Andrew Miller

Optimization should be the watchword for any enterprise. Whether it concerns people, facilities, processes or resources, smart and successful organizations know that their bottom line depends on how efficiently these aspects are operating and being utilized. However, at PrinterLogic we find that print optimization—and more specifically, print infrastructure optimization—is neglected all too often, despite the fact that printing represents a sizable portion of any IT budget.

Some might say that print infrastructure optimization is advisable. We’d argue that it’s absolutely necessary. That’s because print infrastructure optimization done right has the potential to cut the initial costs of purchase as well as the ongoing costs of operation, maintenance and upgrade. But outside of simply shrinking the number of printers in your organization, how it is possible to streamline your print infrastructure further?

The answer lies in eliminating print servers. This is a big step for many organizations, one they tend to view with trepidation. Eliminating print servers? Surely that would cripple their enterprise printing by limiting functionality, hindering scalability and restricting capacity. Wouldn’t it? It would be like trying to operate a city transit system using minivans! How does that qualify as print infrastructure optimization?

But eliminating print servers is far easier and far more beneficial than you might think – as long as you have the right enterprise print management solution.

PrinterLogic is built around the very idea of print infrastructure optimization. It’s an enterprise print management solution based on proven direct IP technology, which establishes direct connections between endpoint devices and local printers. Instead of having print jobs passed from one device to another along the network chain, opening up the possibility for errors and slowdowns at every hop, PrinterLogic puts print jobs on the fastest route from point A to point B. That can speed up print times (making your end users very, very happy) and avoid the heavy WAN traffic associated with printing in consolidated server environments.

Centralized administration is another huge benefit of PrinterLogic. Whereas print servers lead to a fragmented experience no matter how much you try to amalgamate them into one management interface, PrinterLogic offers at-a-glance monitoring and control of your entire print environment through its convenient, consistent web-based console. Admins can automatically deploy and delete printers and drivers, adjust profiles and settings, or monitor and manage print queues for the whole fleet. And PrinterLogic provides this with a single server. Now that’s print infrastructure optimization.

PrinterLogic gives you something else print servers can’t: true end-user self-service. Through its intuitive and ubiquitous self-service portal, PrinterLogic empowers end users with the ability to perform routine printer installations themselves. Without ever having to call the service desk and ask for help, they can locate, identify and install nearby printers with a single click. That saves them as well as their support technicians time and frustration, which is just one of many examples of how print infrastructure optimization can actually result in labor optimization. Hundreds of our customers have attested to that outcome in case studies and independent surveys.

And by eliminating print servers, you remove their risky single points of failure along with their vulnerability to driver conflicts, their licensing fees and their recurring costs of service and upgrade. So print infrastructure optimization ought to be looking pretty enticing right now. PrinterLogic and its acclaimed ease and speed of deployment can help your organization achieve that goal as quickly as you can say, “I’m ready to eliminate print servers!”