Print Management Software Trends

Posted by Andrew Miller

Like most things, printer management software has evolved over time—as have opinions on what constitutes the best print management software. For instance, if you were to start asking around for enterprise print management software suggestions right at this moment, many organizations might tell you that some combination of print server hardware and software is the best answer. Or the only answer.

And they’d be wrong.

At one time print servers might have filled a necessary niche in enterprise printing, but printer management software solutions like PrinterLogic have since superseded them. By leveraging proven technologies—like reliable direct IP printing—coupled with effortless management, amazing flexibility and outstanding scalability, PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software is launching a new and rapidly growing trend in print management. PrinterLogic is able to:

  • seamlessly integrate into print environments of all types and sizes,
  • drastically reduce the print-related hardware infrastructure,
  • enhance the print functionality of virtual solutions such as Citrix and VMware,
  • provide easy but powerful enterprise-wide administration from a single console anywhere in the organization,
  • and empower end uselrs through an intuitive self-service portal

We believe this makes PrinterLogic the best print management software for even the most demanding and complex applications. And we can say that with confidence, thanks to third-party studies conducted by the independent research firm TechValidate – which showed that, for example, 97% of respondents would recommend PrinterLogic (TVID: 2F9-B84-B58), more than two-thirds of PrinterLogic customers were able to fully install our solution in under five days (TVID: EB4-80D-B6D) and close to 90% of our surveyed customers saw ROI that exceeded 100% (TVID: 235-407-39E). Anecdotally, we’ve found that the vast majority of organizations that trial our printer management software ultimately become customers.

Stats like those don’t just mark a new trend in printer management software. They signal the start of a revolution.

So what does this new era in print management promise? Simple: all of the advantages of print servers but with none of the drawbacks. With PrinterLogic’s enterprise print management software, you can enjoy the same slim infrastructure as a central print server, but in the event of a WAN outage, your end users can keep printing as usual with no loss of core functionality. When deploying printers, you can deliver the right devices to end users with pinpoint precision – without having to rely on the headache of group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts. Furthermore, end users can identify and install nearby printers with a single click. You can even roll out driver updates to select users or even the entire enterprise with no need to worry about the compatibility problems that can crash print servers and bring printing to a halt.

In turn, that means less time and money spent on infrastructure and support. Who would have thought that a single printer management software solution could reduce both hardware and hassle at the same time?

Some organizations might still be unaware of their options, but there’s no doubt about it: The print management landscape has changed. The days of wrestling with print servers and their limitations are over. And PrinterLogic’s solution is the best print management software to take your organization to the next level of streamlined, simplified and robust print management.