Print Management as a Service

Even on good days, print management can be one of the most challenging tasks in the IT wheelhouse. As a matter of fact, print management is one of the only responsibilities that overlaps with so many other components of the IT environment. Printers have to be associated with the right users and client machines. The correct drivers have to be installed, tested and updated. The print servers need to be properly networked and integrated with all the other enterprise-wide software solutions.

That’s a lot of moving parts for one IT team to maintain. No wonder cloud printing starts to sound so appealing after a while. It promises to simplify some of this complexity and limit both the costs and footprint of an organization’s print infrastructure.

What many organizations overlook is that cloud printing isn’t always synonymous with cloud-based print management. Cloud printing functionality simply means that some or all of your printing is handled by a cloud-based solution. By contrast, true print management is about being able to deploy, install, administer and remove printers across the entire organization—ideally with ease. Given the current limitations of many cloud printing solutions, the idea of transferring the backbone of your existing print environment to a cloud-based print management model is far too ambitious.

PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud) changes all that. It takes the strengths of our on-premise print management solution and transfers its power and ease to a print management as a service model, providing your organization with enterprise-grade cloud printing alongside incredible cloud-based print management. With PrinterLogic SaaS, not only does every client and printer in your organization gain cloud printing functionality, you can also manage those printers from a single pane of glass.

What exactly makes PrinterLogic SaaS’s print management as a service so unique? For starters, it gives you the ability to deploy printers reliably and accurately to individual users as well as whole groups of users—all without having to rely on cumbersome group policy objects (GPOs) or custom scripts. Yet it offers full support for Active Directory, so you can dynamically and automatically deliver printers to users based on a number of criteria, including MAC and IP addresses. You can also implement PrinterLogic SaaS’s highly acclaimed self-service installation portal, which empowers end users with the ability to identify and install nearby printers themselves with a single click.

PrinterLogic SaaS additionally provides secure printing functionality, outstanding print queue management, SNMP monitoring and even built-in print auditing features that allow you to pinpoint high consumables usage make informed printer consolidation decisions. These are cloud-based print management features that simply have no equivalent on the vast majority of on-premise print management solutions.

And when it comes to the fundamentals of cloud printing, PrinterLogic SaaS is second to none. By establishing direct IP connections between clients and printers, it ensures that printing for all your users is fast, consistent and dependable. PrinterLogic SaaS is right at home in virtual environments like VMware and Citrix as well. Just like PrinterLogic’s proven on-premise enterprise solution, it integrates seamlessly with these virtual solutions, providing you with high-availability cloud printing along with unprecedented ease of printer and driver management.

If the transition to print management as a service seems daunting, you might have been jaded by too many unforgiving years of traditional approaches to print management. Moving to PrinterLogic SaaS is a cinch. You can use its handy migration tool to smoothly and quickly transfer all of your organization’s printers, drivers and profiles from your print servers right into PrinterLogic SaaS. It’s possible that you could be enjoying the benefits of cloud printing and cloud-based print management within hours. Demo it for free for 30 days and see how transformative cloud-based print management can be.