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Print Management Continues to Expand with PrinterLogic Web Stack 17.1 Release

Posted by Chris Poole

We at PrinterLogic continue to expand features and capabilities for print management with the latest release of PrinterLogic Web Stack (formerly Printer Installer) 17.1. This latest version has some very compelling reasons for you to upgrade. With this new version come new features that continue to fit into your print management strategy and that reduce the costs of distributing and managing printers to end-user workstations. Here are the highlights.

Active/Active High Availability—Printing has always been stable with PrinterLogic Web Stack since all print jobs go directly to the printer via direct IP. However, now there is yet another method of providing greater stability for management functions.

Plus Technologies integration—Plus Technologies brings back-end document output management to the table. With this integrated solution, you now have a way to better manage the OM Plus Delivery Manager as well as offer document output management features to front-end workstations—all without the need for Windows print servers. Here are a few features:

  • Automated printer driver management and deployment
  • Self-service installation portal for end users
  • The ability to leverage any network printer regardless of the origin of the print job
  • Document output management features including:
    • Intelligent rules-based routing
    • To-the-tray print confirmation
    • Document archiving and tracking
    • Tamper-resistant security (checks, prescriptions, etc.) on plain paper
  • Pull printing for both front- and back-end printing

Mixed printer types in Self-Service Portal—Now you can support both Windows shared printers and direct IP printers in the same interface to ease the transition of converting your environment to direct IP. In the past, you simply convert the entire environment at the same time or slowly migrate to PrinterLogic Web Stack, one printer at a time. Now you have the option to do a more gradual migration by including your existing printer queues from print servers with your converted direct IP printers inside of the self-service portal. Not only will this make your transition easier, but will ultimately lead to the demise of your print servers.

Enhanced Pull Printing Options—We’ve enhanced the way you do pull printing by adding additional features into the single sign-on features. Now the user credentials auto-populates email addresses in the printer’s console, making scanning to email easier. We have added support for Eletec network devices (TCPConv 2) with our Simple Badge Release to attach and release print jobs for printers that do not support badge/card scan. For those in non-English–speaking countries, we are also supporting many European languages on our MFP Control Panel Application.

Localization of Print Job Currency—Now print job costs are tracked with any currency around the world. No longer do you have to track with US Dollars, but now you can track your costs in Euro, British Pounds, Yen, or whatever you desire.

All this and more. Discover what we did with the latest version of PrinterLogic Web Stack and download a 30-day trial.