Print Infrastructure Optimization

Posted by Devin Anderson

After dealing with print servers as their default print management solution for far too long, more and more organizations are turning to print infrastructure optimization to cut ongoing costs, reduce their IT footprint, streamline their print environment and make print management more efficient. It’s a step that many mid- and large-scale organizations might have found too daunting or even impossible to take in the not-too-distant past. But forward-thinking print management solutions like PrinterLogic are making the transition easy and fast, so organizations like yours can start enjoying the benefits of print infrastructure optimization right away.

Currently, the major focus of print infrastructure optimization rests on eliminating print servers. It’s not hard to see why. Finicky, unreliable, and ultimately costly to maintain, print servers are a stopgap solution to print environment expansion that somehow became a permanent fixture of many IT backbones. Far from simplifying enterprise print management, they actually increase the demands on administration because of their inherent lack of robustness, their vulnerability to driver conflicts, their limitations to deployment and management, their inability to meet the demands of the modern mobile workplace, and their disregard for the end user.

These classic print server deficiencies are the areas where PrinterLogic shines. And, in line with the aims of print infrastructure optimization, PrinterLogic accomplishes far more with a smaller footprint.

PrinterLogic optimizes your print infrastructure in the following ways:

  • Centralized administration: Manage printers and their drivers from a single consistent web-based console from anywhere in the organization. Deploy new or existing printers to targeted users or groups without resorting to group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts. Make real-time changes to assignments or default printing options with just a click. This consolidation of control is key to true print infrastructure optimization.
  • Support for mobile, BYOD, guest and secure printing: Success for any enterprise lies in adapting to the rapid pace of consumer and corporate technology. PrinterLogic allows your print environment to remain nimble and secure—even in diverse, globally distributed organizations—through its Mobile Printing and Pull Printing modules. Not only are both of these features easy to implement and configure, your end users will find them simple and intuitive.
  • Incredible ease and speed of deployment: PrinterLogic was designed for smooth, speedy roll-outs in a wide variety of print environments. And our customers will attest to this: In an independent survey, more than 97% of respondents rated PrinterLogic’s ease and speed of deployment as “great” or better. Large, complex organizations have reported PrinterLogic deployments that took one business day. This enables you to begin recouping return on investment (ROI) through cost and resource savings almost immediately.
  • End user empowerment: Through its self-service installation portal, PrinterLogic empowers your end users with the ability to identify and install their own printers with a single click – no matter where in the organization they happen to be. Optional floorplan maps make it even easier for them to locate printers visually. This saves time and has been shown to drastically reduce the burden on IT, making it one of the clearest and most useful day-to-day benefits of print infrastructure optimization.

By eliminating print servers while introducing increased functionality and ease of use into your print environment, PrinterLogic’s powerful print management solution puts print infrastructure optimization within reach of any organization, regardless of size, industry, or existing IT requirements.