New Study Shows Enterprise Clients See World-class Ease of Use and Flexibility from Server-less Print Management Solution

Posted by Andrew Miller

Some news is so good that you want to shout it from the rooftops.

In this case, it’s the news that the independent research organization TechValidate recently concluded a detailed and wide-ranging survey of more than 250 long- and medium-term verified PrinterLogic customers whose unbiased answers testified to the versatility, ease of use, and return on investment (ROI) they experienced through implementing our print management solution.

The full details are in a recent

press release

, but here are some of the most interesting statistics in a nutshell.

  • 96% of the respondents rated PrinterLogic’s printer driver management as “great” or better
  • 99% of the respondents rated PrinterLogic’s ease of use as “great” or better
  • 92% of the respondents rated the security of PrinterLogic as “great” or better

In each of these categories, a substantial majority of respondents—sometimes greater than 75%—actually rated PrinterLogic even higher (“excellent” or “amazing”). We think ratings like those are worth trumpeting. You can see a breakdown of these (and more) results for yourself at TVID:



What’s also interesting is the fact that these verified customers weren’t a homogeneous sample. They came from a whole range of backgrounds, sectors and sizes—every one with different print environments and printing demands.

About half of the respondents had fewer than 25 sites, whereas roughly 50 of them had deployed PrinterLogic in distributed print environments that consisted of more than 100 sites (TVID:


). In terms of devices, about 60% reported implementing PrinterLogic in print environments with fewer than 500 printers; roughly 25 respondents said their organizations had 2,500 or more (TVID:


). Yet for all this disparity, the results they experienced were consistent across the entire sample. That stands as an incredible testament to PrinterLogic’s versatility.

What’s more, TechValidate calculated a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +66 for PrinterLogic. The NPS is a way of estimating customer satisfaction by measuring the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. A score of +66—along with an average NPS rating of 8.9—is one of the highest values ever recorded by TechValidate. That level of customer satisfaction can only come from a product that delivers everything it promises.

And what exactly does PrinterLogic promise? To name just a few advantages:

  • Efficient centralized management of printers and drivers
  • Rapid printer deployment throughout the enterprise
  • High availability of enterprise print services
  • Seamless integration with any print environment
  • Empowered end users through easy self-service installation

Oh, and don’t forget freedom from the trouble and expense of print servers.

If that sounds like an impossible dream, or if you think your print environment is too unique to benefit from PrinterLogic, we encourage you to read those TechValidate results once again—or any number of

case studies

featured on our site. The overwhelming praise from our customers and the consistency of the results across the spectrum is proof that PrinterLogic is not only an effective print management solution, but a remarkably versatile one to boot.