Mini-Case Studies

Posted by Andrew Miller

We listen to our customers. Their valuable input after demoing or implementing PrinterLogic helps to shape and improve our software, making it even more robust and versatile in the most demanding, wide-ranging print environments. That’s an important part of what makes PrinterLogic the leading enterprise print management solution.

All that input and improvement invariably leads to the kind of feedback that attests to the strength of our print management solution and provides indisputable firsthand proof of how PrinterLogic reduces the number of service desk tickets as well as the strain that printing causes on IT departments in real-world scenarios. Take what one network administrator had to say as part of a case study conducted by the independent research firm TechValidate:

“Prior to using PrinterLogic, we spent a large amount of our weekly tech meetings discussing printing. Our issues were all over but often related to our dual-platform (Mac and PC) environment, to print server[s] and to helping staff move between different locations and still access printers. PrinterLogic solved all of these problems. As a result, printing is no longer on the meeting schedule and my boss is very happy.”

Multiple, seemingly unrelated printing problems in a mixed-platform environment. Yet PrinterLogic solved them all.

Another IT director witnessed similar results:

“With PrinterLogic, we were able to eliminate hundreds of requests for support related to printing,” he said. “Implementing PrinterLogic has significantly reduced the demand on our department’s resources.”

Although these two print environments are quite different, both are in the K-12 educational sector. So how does PrinterLogic perform in other fields? Well, this is what another IT director—this time from a large-enterprise healthcare company—said about our print management solution:

“We are piloting central management at some of our facilities to reduce supply and support costs. We have deployed 800 licenses of PrinterLogic to our 4H and corporate facilities, allowing us to reduce help desk tickets by 65%.”

The number of help desk tickets slashed by 65%! And that’s not unusual for us to hear. Previous TechValidate surveys of PrinterLogic customers have revealed that well over half of all respondents experienced drops in print-related service desk calls of 70% or higher.

Okay, those are large school districts and a large-enterprise company. What about small business? Actually, we hear the same positive results there too. One systems administrator of a small retail company said the following:

“Printers just need to work. It is a big deal when a user can’t find one close to where they are or their usual printer breaks and they can’t easily find the next best printer to use. PrinterLogic takes care of all of that. Users visiting from other offices can easily find a printer or we can assign one for them. If their primary printer breaks, they can quickly find another one. There is no contact with the support desk, lowering call volume and boosting end user satisfaction.”

These testimonials show the manifold results of implementing PrinterLogic across a whole range of print environments. And they also show the result of constantly listening to our customers: The kind of feedback we love to hear.