Medium-Enterprise Agriculture Company Rates PrinterLogic Excellent and Achieves 100% ROI in Less Than a Year

Posted by Andrew Miller

There’s a common need that transcends an organization’s industry, size and IT requirements: the need to print. That’s as true for companies providing financial and legal services as it is for those that operate in the agricultural sector. And with the need to print comes the need for an efficient, reliable print environment that is hardy enough to handle the toughest printing demands day after day while being flexible enough to accommodate future change. That’s why so many organizations that are looking for a better print management solution turn to PrinterLogic.

The independent research firm TechValidate was curious to see whether PrinterLogic was meeting the expectations of one medium-enterprise agriculture company and the challenges of its print environment, so it recently produced a case study (TVID: 7DC-F71-277) about the experience.

Whereas most of our customers choose to implement PrinterLogic to

eliminate print servers

and their attendant costs, this company had used a direct IP solution before implementing PrinterLogic. Yet its IT team still wanted to be able to:

  • Manage all the networked printers centrally and more efficiently
  • Simplify routine printer installation for end users of all skill levels
  • Deploy printers without having to deal with time-consuming

    scripting and group policy objects (GPOs)

This company had fewer than 250 network printers, but these devices were spread across 13 sites. That made centralized administration and user self-service—PrinterLogic’s forte—all the more important.

It took only one day for this medium-enterprise agriculture company to fully install PrinterLogic throughout the entire organization. After just twelve months, the savings associated with PrinterLogic had paid for the cost of its implementation, and the return on investment (ROI) since then has far exceeded 100%.

As proof of PrinterLogic’s far-reaching effects, those savings were derived from several aspects of the overall print environment. The company estimated a 15% reduction in all of the following areas:

  • Time spent managing printers across the enterprise
  • Print consumables such as toner and paper
  • Overall printer downtime
  • Calls to the service desk on print-related matters

The last point left the biggest impression on the company. When asked how PrinterLogic had transformed the print environment for the better, a spokesperson said, “It has cut down on IT having to help users add a printer when they go to one of our 13 locations. Those calls have stopped.”

That explains why this medium-enterprise agriculture company had such high ratings for PrinterLogic right across the board. Our print management solution earned a solid “excellent” in every single one of the following categories:

  • Printer driver management
  • Ease of deployment
  • Speed of deployment
  • Ease of use
  • Printing security

Results like these indicate one thing: Regardless of your organization’s size or sector, if you have a need to print, you have a need for PrinterLogic’s cost- and resource-saving print management.

TechValidate Case Study: Medium Enterprise Agriculture Company