Manufacturing Company Reduces Print-related Service Desk Calls by More Than 90 Percent with PrinterLogic

Posted by Andrew Miller

Every time the independent research firm TechValidate releases a new case study on a PrinterLogic customer, we get a little excited. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Each TechValidate case study is like bringing home a new report card filled with straight As, and that’s not something you grow tired of very quickly.

One of the latest case studies (TVID:


) to come to our attention was conducted with a large industrial manufacturing company that supplies advanced building materials to the commercial construction field. The company’s print environment is unique. Although it has more than six sites, it has fewer than 49 network printers. At the same time, this small pool of printers was governed by as many as five print servers prior to installing PrinterLogic.

Naturally, the company wanted to eliminate the hassle and expense of those print servers while increasing the cohesion of its distributed print environment. So the organization chose to implement PrinterLogic in the hopes that it would do some or all of the following:

  • Streamline mobile/BYOD and guest printing throughout the enterprise
  • Provide high availability for enterprise print services
  • Centralize print queue management
  • Enable the efficient management of direct IP printing as well as printer drivers
  • Allow printers to be deployed without requiring complex scripting and group policy objects (GPOs)
  • Simplify printer installation for end users

And did it work? “PrinterLogic simplified the management of printer installs, enabling our end users to manage what printers they need, even when they go to a new location,” a senior IT architect at the large manufacturing company.

Even in the company’s distributed environment, the IT team fully installed PrinterLogic within one day. Thanks to such incredible ease of deployment, the company was able to eliminate its print servers and immediately began recouping return on investment (ROI). Within three months PrinterLogic had entirely paid for itself. The cumulative ROI since implementing PrinterLogic has been more than 400%—and this certainly isn’t the first verified PrinterLogic customer to report ROI along those lines.

One look at the hard data and you’ll see exactly how it happened. Once PrinterLogic was up and running, the time the company was spending on print management dropped by 90%. The number of calls to the service desk on printing issues plummeted by 90% too. And what about remote server infrastructure? That saw a stunning 90% reduction as well. Simply by installing PrinterLogic, the company shrank every print-related drain on time and resources down to one-tenth of its former size.

With efficiency gains like those in mind, the company’s qualitative ratings of PrinterLogic might not come as a surprise. Compared to competing print management solutions, the company rated PrinterLogic as “far superior” in every one of the following categories:

  • Eliminating print servers
  • Centralized management
  • Managing printer drivers
  • Printer deployment
  • Citrix/VMware/VDI printing

What these TechValidate case studies have shown us is that this customer isn’t alone in its praise for PrinterLogic or its results. And if it’s proven to work so well for them, just imagine what our print management solution could do for your organization.

TechValidate Case Study: Industrial Manufacturing Company