Make Enterprise Mobile Printing Easy from Any Device

Posted by Devin Anderson

Mobile printing is a hot topic in the modern enterprise. It’s also a clear and growing need. And yet, as any experienced IT professional can tell you, waxing philosophical about mobile printing and actually addressing the need for mobile printing capability are two very different things. That’s why there’s a lot of aspirational talk about enterprise mobile printing solutions but very few that can deliver the necessary functionality in a seamless, uncomplicated way.

PrinterLogic saw the emerging need to introduce mobile printing capabilities into the workplace earlier than most. Of course, when it comes to enterprise printing, we have a knack for being far-sighted: Our acclaimed flagship print management solution makes it possible for organizations of any size or sector to augment and streamline their print management capabilities, even in virtual and distributed environments, without being beholden to print servers. Building on that proven track record, we developed an enterprise mobile printing solution that is able to deliver mobile printing to any employee using any mobile device with any printer.

It’s called, simply enough, Mobile Printing. Here’s how it works:

  • The mobile end user invokes the document, file or email to be printed on their Android, Apple, BlackBerry or Windows device.
  • They tap the “Share” button on that device.
  • Then select a PrinterLogic printer as their print option.
  • Their mobile printing job then prints to their selected printer.

That’s it. Full mobile printing capability from any mobile device and to any PrinterLogic-enabled printer with no client-side software to install or configure. For BYOD users and guests, the steps are a little different but just as easy, because PrinterLogic leverages email-to-print functionality to make mobile printing accessible to this customarily tricky subset of users. All they do is:

  • Determine the unique email address of the desired PrinterLogic printer.
  • Email their files to that address for immediate printing.

You can choose to provide that printer email address publicly at a dedicated guest/BYOD shared printer or privately to individual users – it’s up to you.

Since so many enterprise mobile printing solutions involve one or more compromises, maybe you’re waiting for the footnote. Simplicity at the expense of security. Enhanced functionality at the expense of ease of use. But PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing really is as straightforward as the name suggests. Plus, as you’d expect from any PrinterLogic solution, you retain complete control over all aspects of mobile printing. You can specify:

  • Who can print and to which printers,
  • How many pages each guest can print,
  • Which printer options guests can use (e.g., duplexing, color)

By implementing PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing, you can make enterprise mobile printing easy from any device – and by easy, we mean easy for the end user as well as IT. Not only does it allow you to provide mobile printing capability to your end users, your support staff won’t be flooded with calls to the service desk asking how to use it. As enterprise mobile printing solutions go, it doesn’t get any easier or more versatile.