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Is It Time to Rethink Your Corporate Print Environment?

Posted by Devin Anderson

Staying competitive means being innovative. And being innovative means having the willingness to rethink your organization’s current practices and identify ways in which they could be streamlined, improved or replaced altogether. That applies as much to your corporate print environment as it does to any other aspect of your organization.

Typically, corporate and enterprise printing tends to run on autopilot. This is often because it’s assumed that no cutting-edge developments have taken place to substantially improve corporate printing in recent years. Instead, if and when it comes time to update their print environment, organizations simply opt for a variation on a common theme—one that usually involves updating or consolidating print servers. It’s not necessarily cheaper or more efficient than the alternatives, but it is familiar.

Well, maybe it’s time to rethink corporate printing entirely.

At PrinterLogic, we know that print servers and traditional print management solutions are yesterday’s news. We’ve developed a next-generation enterprise printing solution that has the ability to eliminate print servers and patchwork software solutions completely. Yet, despite consolidating your print infrastructure and significantly reducing its footprint, our solution actually adds unprecedented flexibility and functionality to your print environment. There’s no tradeoff. Your print environment is simultaneously streamlined and enhanced.

How is such a thing possible in the complex world of corporate printing? The answer is in forward-thinking, field-tested engineering. You see, we’ve taken one of the most proven and reliable enterprise printing backbones—direct IP—and added powerful centralized management along with an architecture that’s both flexible and robust. That results in all the following advantages:

  • Simplified, centralized administration: Manage printers and drivers across the entire organization from a single pane of glass. Deploy new printers without having to rely on the group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts that make enterprise printing such a headache. Make individual or batch edits to printer settings and profiles with just a few clicks.
  • End-user empowerment: Using PrinterLogic’s acclaimed self-service portal, end users can easily identify and install nearby printers with a single click. No call to the service desk is necessary, saving time and hassle for them as well as your support staff.
  • Powerful enhancements: Conventional corporate printing is static. It needs to be dynamic. That’s why PrinterLogic offers optional Pull Printing and Mobile Printingmodules that introduce this powerful, trendsetting functionality into your print environment without any of the incompatibilities and workarounds required by many third-party solutions.
  • Seamless VDI support: Organizations with virtual desktop interface (VDI) environments frequently struggle with enterprise printing. PrinterLogic’s print management software supports Citrix printing and VMware printing with all the seamlessness of a native solution.
  • Unparalleled stability and reliability: Because PrinterLogic leverages direct IP printing, it removes the single points of failure commonly associated with traditional corporate printing solutions such as print servers. This means that end users can continue printing with no loss of core functionality in the rare event of a server outage. It also eliminates the dependency on the WAN in consolidated print environments, thereby increasing uptime and accelerating print times.

Simply put, PrinterLogic’s print management solution is ushering in a whole new era of enterprise printing. It’s lean, cost-effective, feature-rich, stable, secure and unbelievably scalable: everything you’d want from a print management solution. All you need to do is rethink what’s possible in corporate printing.