Is Your Cloud Printing Solution Not Working? Try PrinterLogic SaaS!

For one reason or another, cloud printing isn’t working for you. Maybe your organization has already experimented—unsuccessfully—with cloud printing through a limited deployment or a trial run of the more familiar cloud print solutions. Maybe you’ve fully implemented cloud printing only to find that you’re now experiencing frustrating and unanticipated cloud print problems.

On behalf of PrinterLogic, I’m here to lift your spirits and urge you not to give up on cloud printing before you’ve tried PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud).

PrinterLogic SaaS is unique among cloud print solutions because it leverages the distinct benefits of our on-premises enterprise print management software and then translates that to a convenient, low-overhead, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model. That way, PrinterLogic SaaS avoids the usual cloud print problems such as:

  • Reliance on a constant wide-area network (WAN) connection
  • Limited printer functionality or cloud printing options
  • Incompatibility with certain printer models
  • Complicated deployment procedures that still require group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts

PrinterLogic SaaS can do this because, unlike other cloud print solutions, it brings next-generation features to the proven direct IP printing model, which establishes one-to-one connections between workstations and network printers. This means that end users can continue using cloud printing even if the WAN connection becomes unavailable. And because PrinterLogic SaaS taps into the powerful centralized management already offered by PrinterLogic’s on-premises software solution, admins can deploy printers dynamically and automatically with unparalleled ease.

One root cause of ongoing cloud print problems is that some cloud print solutions only have the ability to complement your existing print infrastructure. That leaves these solutions further exposed to traditional print management issues such as poor queue management and unpredictable availability. PrinterLogic SaaS, by contrast, is a complete print management solution that enables your organization to completely eliminate burdensome and expensive print infrastructure like print servers. Plus, by migrating to PrinterLogic SaaS’s model, your organization replaces future hardware upgrades, maintenance and software updates with a simple single-cost subscription that makes it easier to get a fix on your enterprise printing budget.

Another advantage of PrinterLogic SaaS is its self-service portal, which allows users to accurately identify and install nearby printers with a single click. This feature is a favorite among PrinterLogic customers, so it’s natural that it would be included in our cloud printing solution. Along with saving end users time and increasing their productivity, PrinterLogic SaaS’s self-service portal preempts many of the cloud print problems that prompt them to call the service desk with print-related questions and issues. That frees up your support team to concentrate on other aspects of IT.

And that doesn’t cover all of what PrinterLogic SaaS can do. The reason it stands out among cloud print solutions is that has the ability to deliver so much additional functionality: browser-based secure printing, SNMP monitoring and alerts, role-based access control, print job auditing and much, much more—all of which are enterprise-grade features that aren’t even available by default with many on-premises print management solutions, let alone cloud printing platforms. PrinterLogic SaaS also integrates seamlessly with virtual environments like Citrix and VMware for unprecedented manageability and freedom from typical cloud print problems.

If your experience with cloud printing has been lackluster so far, download the free PrinterLogic SaaS trial and give it a test drive. I’ve used this short space to outline what makes it superior among cloud print solutions, but sometimes seeing really is believing.