Introducing PrinterLogic Insights: a Free SaaS Tool for Print Job Reporting And SNMP Monitoring For Up To 10 Printers

PrinterLogic Insights is a free SaaS product for small businesses that offers the same advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities that are included in our full PrinterLogic SaaS solution. Insights works with Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and tracks up to 10 network printers.

PrinterLogic Insights tracks printer usage at the user or device level with an eye toward reducing costs and curbing wasteful behavior. SNMP monitoring and alerts allow IT teams to proactively resolve problems before they impact user productivity.

Insights reports on printing, copying, and scanning activity, including metadata attributes such as page count, black and white versus color printing, duplex printing, and estimated costs.

SNMP printer monitoring helps avoid outages
One of the proactive benefits of PrinterLogic Insights is its ability to provide advance alerts about printer issues. If an outage is about to occur for some reason, such as empty toner or paper, Insights can warn admins beforehand. By addressing issues proactively, customers can avoid printer downtime and lost productivity.

While PrinterLogic Insights is limited to 10 networked printers, it offers unique visibility into an unlimited number of USB-connected printers as well. And, there’s no limitation on the number of business locations that Insights will work with.

All of this makes PrinterLogic Insights ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as managed service providers (MSPs) who serve one or more SMB accounts. Small businesses can keep their print environment humming along with even more efficiency. MSPs, meanwhile, can provide even better multi-tenant customer service to a wider range of SMB clients. MSPs who manage print services for their clients can use Insights to help identify printer-consolidation strategies that save money.

What are the advantages of Insights?
PrinterLogic Insights makes it easy to get a handle on printing behaviors and costs. It also helps IT admins be more proactive when it comes to avoiding printer downtime, which stagnates employee productivity. This video is an excellent overview of how it works.

  • Visibility down to the user and device level: In a single web console, IT has a clear view of the entire print environment. They can see what’s being printed and who’s printing it, for any printer brand. This even includes USB-connected printers which are expensive to operate and often fly below the radar.
  • Higher print availability: When a printer suddenly goes offline, or is about to run out of toner or paper, it’s a support call waiting to happen. Those calls, and the downtime associated with the loss in productivity for employees, are expensive. Convenient SNMP alerting through PrinterLogic Insights helps MSPs and IT admins be more proactive.
  • Quick to implement: As part of our PrinterLogic SaaS platform, Insights is easy and quick to implement. Getting started is just a matter of filling out a form, and then installing a small piece of software (called a client), on each workstation. The clients check in with the Insights instance and send the printer list for each workstation up the line. Data starts flowing, and IT Admins have access to reporting and monitoring within minutes.
  • Easy to use: PrinterLogic Insights is managed through an intuitive web-based console. It doesn’t take an IT expert to use its reporting capabilities and begin to see wasteful patterns.
  • Keeps on working and even gets better: PrinterLogic Insights is not trial software; it is free for as long as a business wants to use it. And, because it’s a SaaS product, any improvements and new functionality are updated automatically, behind the scenes.
  • Upgrades are easy: PrinterLogic Insights is based on the same SaaS platform as our full-featured product. In fact, the Insights admin console shows a sneak preview of PrinterLogic’s entire product. Turning on more features is fast because it’s just a matter of licensing.

Get started today
PrinterLogic Insights is available now for businesses that want to get a clear view into their printing activity and begin monitoring printer health. To begin, go to PrinterLogic Insights here.

MSPs can create an instance using our pre-populated Insights folder in the MSP Portal.

If you want to check out our complete solution, you can begin using PrinterLogic SaaS now. Sign up today for a free, 30-day trial. You’ll see how easy it is to eliminate all print servers and convert your printers to an efficient, trouble-free centrally managed direct IP environment.