Increase Efficiency While Decreasing Enterprise Print Management Costs

Posted by Andrew Miller

Traditionally, enterprise print management has been both expensive and resource-intensive. This generally stems from the use of print servers, which have been the default enterprise printing solution for many organizations across the world. Although print servers are typically deployed to accommodate large, disparate, or growing print environments, they can actually reduce the efficiency of enterprise printing—while simultaneously requiring ongoing costs of maintenance, operation, upgrade and replacement.

How exactly do print servers reduce enterprise printing efficiency? Here are just a few common ways:

  • Poor driver management
  • Cumbersome printer deployment through group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts
  • Lack of convenient centralized administration
  • Little emphasis on ease of use (for admins or end users)
  • Increased vulnerability through single points of failure

PrinterLogic is an enterprise printing solution that addresses all of these shortcomings and many more, resulting in more efficient enterprise printing in any kind of environment: large or small, conventional or virtual, consolidated or distributed. That in turn leads to reduced enterprise print management costs both in the short- and long-term.

Let’s take printer installation as an example. In most cases, end users who need to have a printer installed will have to call the service desk for assistance. Maybe it’s because the end user is unable to locate the correct device from the available printers. Maybe it’s because the desired printer hasn’t actually been deployed to the end user because of some GPO or scripting issue. Maybe it’s because the end user isn’t authorized to perform the installation process or is confused by the steps involved. Whatever the reason, this means the end user has to take time out of his or her workday to call the service desk, and the service desk technician has to spend time troubleshooting or conducting a walkthrough over the phone. Now multiply the frustration, inconvenience and lost productivity of this scenario by all the printer installations that take place each day in enterprise printing.

PrinterLogic’s solution to this is a ubiquitous self-service portal that allows end users to easily locate, identify and install printers themselves with just one click. This way, the end user can perform a routine printer installation him- or herself in seconds. This saves both the end user and the service desk technician from having to waste time on the phone. That equates to more efficient enterprise print management and uninterrupted productivity, two factors that directly impact an organization’s bottom line.

And that’s just one demonstration of how PrinterLogic streamlines enterprise printing to cut down the costs of enterprise print management. Some others include:

  • Reduced WAN load: PrinterLogic establishes direct IP connections between endpoint devices and local printers. This avoids sending print-related traffic across the WAN, which speeds up enterprise printing and frees up bandwidth for all the other vital network-reliant services.
  • Increased reliability: With PrinterLogic, enterprise printing continues even in the event of a WAN outage or a host server failure. Unlike print servers, it’s also robust toward driver conflicts, so you don’t suffer downtime because of 32- and 64-bit driver confusion.
  • Centralized administration: Enterprise print management is practically effortless with PrinterLogic’s consistent, easy-to-use web-based management console.

PrinterLogic doesn’t make increased efficiency and decreased enterprise print management costs an either/or proposition. Your organization gets to experience both through a single enterprise printing solution.