Improve Mobile Printing Reliability with PrinterLogic

At this point, very few people are left questioning the importance of mobile devices in the enterprise. When 500 senior IT executives, CEOs and other senior managers were polled as part of a 2018 Oxford Economics survey, the vast majority (75% or more) said that mobile devices were vital to their workers’ effectiveness and their companies’ workflows.

With the enterprise adoption of mobile devices comes the need for mobile printing. And not just any mobile printing—enterprise-grade mobile printing. That involves more than just basic printing from smartphones and tablets. It also includes capabilities like BYOD/guest printing and secure release.

Legacy print management solutions just aren’t equipped to meet those needs. In the past, that’s forced organizations to come up with workarounds or go out in search of expensive dedicated mobile printing solutions. Both of those options tend to come with complexity and limitations.

PrinterLogic’s mobile printing is superior because it’s made for enterprise use. By leveraging the strengths of our serverless printing infrastructure, it’s easy to administer, flexible to implement and transparent to end users.

PrinterLogic Supports Native Printing from Android and iOS Devices

One of the problems with ordinary approaches to mobile printing is that they’re often aligned with a particular OS. Supporting both Android and iOS printing can feel like maintaining two separate microenvironments. That’s restrictive to enterprises that make use of both ecosystems.

Mobile printing with PrinterLogic lets your Android as well as your iOS users print natively from their devices. All they have to do is tap the “Share” button and send the document on their screen to their desired printer. There’s zero client-side software for them to install in order to print. In short, that means they can always print when they need to.

Plus, using PrinterLogic’s intuitive admin console, it’s quick and straightforward for admins to enable specific printers to receive print jobs from mobile devices. That even goes for legacy devices.

Thanks to our Print Release App, Android and iOS users also have access to secure printing. Once they’ve initiated a job from their mobile device, they can simply launch the Print Release App, select one or more jobs and then send them to a specific printer. 

Along with being more secure than standard mobile printing, the app is super handy if users change their mind—or their location—after initiating the print job.

Provide Print Capabilities to BYOD Users and Guests

Native printing support for company-issued devices is one thing. Another perpetual challenge in enterprise mobile printing is supporting BYOD users and guests.

We’ve got this area covered too. Using email-to-print functionality, printing is as easy as sending an email—regardless of whether the user is on- or off-network. BYOD users and guests can simply attach their files to an email and send it to the printer’s dedicated address.

PrinterLogic’s BYOD and guest printing isn’t just easy on end users. It’s also easy on admins. When all end users need to print is an email address, that saves them from having to call the helpdesk and ask for support.

Empower Mobile Users with Self-Service Printer Installation

Smartphones and tablets aren’t the only mobile devices in the enterprise. Laptops are still an important part of the mobile equation.

With PrinterLogic’s self-service printer installation portal, end users can easily locate and install the nearest printer. Even if they’re new to the building or the company, they can use the optional floorplan maps to quickly identify which printer is most convenient. Clicking on the printer icon will safely install the printer and any related drivers.

A feature like this empowers users to access printers on their own without needing assistance from IT. That’s bound to make admins and end users happy. In cutting out the waiting and uncertainty when end users need to print to a new printer, PrinterLogic’s self-service portal gets them up and running quickly and smoothly.

Tazergy is just one of many organizations to implement PrinterLogic’s user- and admin-friendly mobile printing. This IT-services provider for the senior housing industry called it the “icing on the cake” to their successful rollout of our next-gen print management solution. (Read the case study here.)

And it gets even better. Mobile printing is included at no extra cost with our core cloud solution, PrinterLogic SaaS.

Improving the ease and reliability of enterprise mobile printing in your organization doesn’t have to wait. All you have to do is start your PrinterLogic trial today. That will give you the opportunity to test drive mobile printing—along with all of the other incredible features of our solution—free of charge for 30 days.