How to Make Printing with MEDITECH Easier

Posted by Devin Anderson

Thousands of healthcare organizations around the world use Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions like MEDITECH to manage their patients’ information. These systems are designed to ensure strict regulatory compliance with sensitive medical data. They aren’t particularly good at print management, however, which means healthcare organizations often struggle with even routine printing tasks. In this blog, we’ll provide a basic guide to printing in MEDITECH, and how it can be teamed up with PrinterLogic to offer next-generation print management.

MEDITECH printing: An overview
MEDITECH is an EHR solution that lets medical providers access and manage patient data quickly and securely. But even in our digital age, physicians, nurses and other staff often need to create and interact with hard copies as part of their routine workflow.

In fast-paced, fluid environments like hospitals and clinics, staff can be in regular rotation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With tight schedules, and in urgent situations, they need to print to a nearby device quickly and reliably. The problem is that EHR solutions don’t have the most user-friendly print-management features. MEDITECH, one of the largest EHR providers, has a relatively small list of supported printers. Printer deployments and installations are not particularly admin-friendly and often lead to tedious troubleshooting sessions.

MEDITECH printing and Citrix—augmented by PrinterLogic’s print management
MEDITECH solutions often run in a Citrix virtual environment. Citrix allows for centralized client management and easier workspace deployments, along with a low-cost computing infrastructure. The catch is that print management in Citrix can be problematic, and this compounds MEDITECH printing issues by overlaying the complexity of a virtual environment on top of the requirements of the EMR solution.

PrinterLogic’s enterprise print-management solution works as an admin-friendly intermediary between Citrix and MEDITECH printing. It integrates seamlessly with both environments to enhance their native print-management functionality and compensate for some of the most serious shortcomings of print servers. For example, PrinterLogic’s centrally managed architecture lets IT managers maintain one driver repository across the entire organization. This helps avoid driver incompatibilities that are often the root cause of MEDITECH printing problems and failed printer deployments in Citrix.

PrinterLogic eliminates the need for group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts. Admins deploy printers automatically to users based on a variety of Active Directory (AD) criteria like user, container, organizational unit (OU), MAC, and IP addresses. Even in dynamic healthcare organizations with frequent staff and workstation changes, admins are able to deliver nearby printers to users accurately and reliably—no matter where the user happens to be.

Case in point: Princeton Community Hospital
Princeton Community Hospital has experienced firsthand how PrinterLogic revolutionizes MEDITECH printing. Our solution helped this large, multi-facility hospital system resolve ongoing driver conflicts, simplify installations, streamline printer deployments, and mitigate the anxiety caused by single points of failure.

To see how smoothly PrinterLogic integrates with MEDITECH and other leading EMR/EHR solutions like EPIC, download this free white paper. Try a free, full-featured demo of PrinterLogic for 30 days and see how it transforms your print management in even the most challenging environments.