How To Fix Corrupt Printer Drivers

Posted by Nick Ball

Printer drivers can become corrupt for many different reasons. The majority of the time this happens when they are initially not installed correctly, and the mistake is not noticed immediately. Regardless of how it happened, diagnosing what is wrong with the driver and getting it fixed can be a pain.

An easy way to “fix” corrupt drivers is to replace them. However, this is usually easier said than done. Depending on your print environment, this could mean going to each workstation that is using that driver and replacing it manually in the printer settings. Or if you have a print server (which can itself cause problems with drivers), replacing the driver is usually not an option because it could be used on many printers and workstations.

One method for easily handling printer driver issues is to use PrinterLogic Web Stack (formerly Printer Installer), which can help replace drivers quickly and easily. With PrinterLogic Web Stack you can select separate drivers for each operating system and architecture, which helps you select the right driver for any circumstance in the first place, thus preventing corrupted drivers in the first place. It can also easily replace drivers across all workstations with a single action.

PrinterLogic Web Stack can help prevent corrupt drivers by managing how the printers are installed on the end user’s workstation. In addition to simplifying your print server-based environment, PrinterLogic Web Stack can also use Direct IP printing, enabling you to eliminate print servers. This helps cut down on mass driver failure because each workstation has its own queue instead of sharing the one on the print server. If a driver on a print server becomes corrupt, anyone using that print queue can no longer print. But with PrinterLogic Web Stack, because each workstation has its own queue, if a single queue has a corrupt driver only that machine is affected.

For a quick demo of how PrinterLogic Web Stack can help you easily fix corrupt drivers, contact us here. We’d be happy to show you how it works, and get you started with a free trial.