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How To Convince Your Boss You Need PrinterLogic

You’re struggling to keep up with print-related helpdesk calls. Your IT budget is tight. Updates and patch installations are exhausting. You’ve run yourself ragged, just hoping for a way out of the madness. 

The problem is you know there’s a proven solution out there that’ll make your life easier, save time, and reduce costs. You’ve done extensive research and sought advice from others in your industry. However, you’re the only one on your team who knows about it and you just don’t know how to get your boss to see eye-to-eye with you. 

Well, we’re here to help. Follow our foolproof step-by-step guide to convince your boss you need PrinterLogic.

Here’s how you do it. 


1. Show your boss how many helpdesk calls are print-related.

How many helpdesk calls does your team receive daily? Weekly? Monthly? How many of them are print-related? Gartner estimates that print-related helpdesk tickets account for 40% of an IT team’s workload. This isn’t a number to scoff at, especially if your team takes hundreds of calls daily. 

Make sure to give your boss a concrete number to help put it into perspective. Weigh the number of helpdesk calls against other common issues in the workplace and emphasize that fewer helpdesk calls will allow your to team tackle additional projects and goals.

Or, throw in a few feel-good testimonials detailing how PrinterLogic has greatly reduced helpdesk calls.

“The amount that PrinterLogic saved us in hardware cost is outweighed only by how much time they have saved us. Deployment was incredibly easy, and we’ve reduced helpdesk calls by over 75%.”
Derek Bryant, Systems Engineer at Zeus Industrial Products
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“We have almost zero print-related helpdesk tickets. We went from about 2,500 printer-related tickets in a year down to three or four.”
Chris Nilsson, Director of Technology Integration at CISD
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The Quick Pitch: PrinterLogic reduces print-related helpdesk calls by 95%, so we can accomplish more.


2. Explain how print servers drain your budget and time.

Print servers are legitimate “time-suckers,” “cash-guzzlers,” and a pain in the neck for anyone maintaining them. You know this and so does your boss, but how do you get the message across? Maybe try something like: To avoid time and financial loss, PrinterLogic has the secret sauce. 

Seriously though, all unintentional rhymes aside, IT teams spend too much time updating and installing patches. Tell your boss that too much money is wasted on print server maintenance to justify keeping them around. 

Oh, and don’t forget to mention the cost of replacing one of those bad boys (at least $10,000 each). Not only does PrinterLogic ensure you never have to buy (or look at) print servers again, organizations that choose PrinterLogic see a 50% reduction in time spent on overall print management. 

Take it from these money-saving customers:

“We’re looking at annual savings of $60,480 in just IT time. Plus another $85,680 in annual cost savings in lost time for our end users.”
Adam Dishong, Systems Administrator at Saber
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“In the end, PrinterLogic eliminated the risk of print servers being a single point of failure and also helped reduce overall management costs for Wipfli.”
Michael Voegtline, Senior Engineering Analyst at Wipfli LLP
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The Quick Pitch: PrinterLogic eliminates costly print servers and makes up for the lost time you’ve spent managing them. 


3. Inform your boss about the security benefits.

Securing your print environment to protect valuable company data has been a hot topic. According to Quocirca, 70% of organizations are expected to increase print security spending over the next 12 months. Why? Print servers and unsecured printers are liabilities and have caused PrintNightmares that every IT professional wants to forget. 

Introduce print security as an essential part of a Zero Trust Network Architecture. PrinterLogic’s direct IP printing platform is inherently secure and authenticates every user via integrations with the world’s top Identity Providers, making it the perfect Zero Trust Printing solution. Plus, PrinterLogic segments every device, minimizing your organization’s attack surface. 

PrinterLogic customers have access to advanced security features like Off-Network and Secure Release Printing, which eliminate print security risks associated with employing a hybrid workforce and keep your organization industry compliant. 

These discussion topics are too good for your boss not to bite the bait.  

Need more persuasion tools?

Try sharing some of these security stats from Quocirca to get your boss on the security bandwagon:

  • 68% of organizations have experienced at least one print-related data loss in the past 12 months.
  • The average cost of a print-related data breach is over $734,000.
  • 71% of organizations say printing will be critical to their business over the next year. 

The Quick Pitch: PrinterLogic reduces attack surfaces and has security features engineered to fit every industry. 


4. Highlight the unprecedented ROI of serverless printing. 

Your boss wants an investment that will pay for itself over time. We already mentioned the time and money earned back by eliminating print servers. But what else can you say to convince your boss the investment in PrinterLogic is worthwhile? 

Start with this: PrinterLogic yields companies between a 100% to 200% return on their investment.

Inform your boss that PrinterLogic doesn’t require you to replace your existing hardware, including printers, to use our platform. PrinterLogic’s serverless solution is compatible with all printers that support internet printing protocol (IPP), no matter what its capabilities are. 

In terms of sustainability, organizations that choose PrinterLogic see at least a 30% reduction in print consumables since you have complete insight into your print environment. We all know how expensive ink and paper can get. Cutting back on these saves you money and helps you achieve your environmental sustainability goals. 

Remember the average cost of a print-related data breach ($734,000)? Those worries also go by the wayside. 

Here’s what customers have to say about their ROI from PrinterLogic:

“In efficiency and time savings, PrinterLogic has paid for itself exponentially. It’s paid big dividends and then some.”
Darin Parker, Senior Information Technology Manager at QTC
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“We were just about to upgrade our print servers, which would have cost at least $10,000 each. Add that to the other benefits and cost savings, and the ROI of PrinterLogic is nearly instant.”
Matt Duso, IT Specialist at CFCU
Read CFCU Case Study

The Quick Pitch: PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure provides a huge ROI through reduced waste, cost-efficiency, time savings, and strengthened security. 


5. Emphasize how centralized management will reduce workload and increase overall productivity.

This is something any boss will get behind. You and your team are stressed and can’t get work done because printers have taken over your lives. Right now, you probably have a few print servers and can’t accurately track print activity throughout your company. You constantly install printers for end users walking in and out of your office and have to fix printers when they go down. The list goes on and on. 

Show your boss info about our Self-Service Installation Portal, which helps end users identify and install printers without IT intervention. This feature alone will reduce workloads for your team. APi Group–a company with over 160 offices–went from constantly responding to printer installation requests to having almost zero calls after partnering with PrinterLogic.  

“With PrinterLogic, we simply pull up the interface and see what’s happening at that site. And, frankly, we don’t even have to do that much anymore—the users can figure it all out themselves. It’s that easy.”
-Jeremy Morgan, Client Technologies Analyst at APi Group
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Next, mention PrinterLogic’s Advanced Reporting capabilities which display print activity down to the user and device level. From our Admin Console, you gain insight into valuable information telling you how much users are printing, from which device, and to which printer. 

“The fact that I can manage 500 printers from a single pane of glass, and never have to worry about managing printer drivers again, is incredible.”
Derek Bryant, Systems Engineer at Zeus Industrial Products

The Quick Pitch: PrinterLogic lessens IT workloads by empowering end users to install their own printers and can reduce overall print management by a staggering 93%.  


6. Tell your boss to try a FREE trial!

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So don’t miss this opportunity to try a serverless printing solution for free that’ll change your workplace for the better. What’s the worst that could happen? Your boss loves us so much that PrinterLogic becomes the solution of your boss’s dreams? 

That’s exactly what’ll happen. 

So, you’ve made a compelling argument for moving to PrinterLogic and received a resounding “YES!” What’s next?

It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Book a demo
  2. We call you and listen to your needs
  3. We flip a switch and all of your printing troubles disappear…forever