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How the Benefits of Centralized Print Management Software Can Help Your Business Operate More Smoothly

One of the biggest contributors to inefficiency is fragmentation. Without unified control and oversight, you waste a lot of time doing individual status checks and performing repeat actions. That’s as true when dealing with technology as it is with people.

Fragmentation has long been the enemy of the enterprise print environment. And yet the enterprise print environment is still where fragmentation can most often be found.

Some organizations go looking for the answer to fragmentation in managed print services. But the permanent fix lies in centralized print management—specifically, the centralized print management that comes from PrinterLogic’s serverless printing.

As a matter of fact, PrinterLogic is the solution that managed print services providers like Independent Photocopier Services turn to when they want to standardize disparate print environments. (You can read that case study here.)

What makes PrinterLogic unique?

PrinterLogic uses the killer combination of robust direct IP printing and effortless centralized print management to bring incredible control and ease of use to enterprise printing.

From a single pane of glass, admins can monitor the entire print environment and carry out all print-management tasks across the organization. It doesn’t matter how geographically distributed it is. Using PrinterLogic’s intuitive admin console, IT staff can:

  • Create, remove or edit printers individually or in bulk: From deploying a printer to a lone user up to deleting a set of printers from an entire department, PrinterLogic lets you do it all swiftly from one screen.
  • Monitor and manage printer queues: Unlike print servers, PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure provides a consolidated window onto multiple print queues—even in globally distributed organizations.
  • Perform audits on your entire print environment: Total oversight and powerful built-in reporting tools make it super easy to collect and analyze the full scope of print activity.
  • Update drivers, change profile settings and create custom configurations: PrinterLogic’s common driver repository reduces repetitive changes to single steps. Setting automatic defaults for, say, black-and-white printing can be as simple as ticking a checkbox.

It’s not hard to see why in-house IT staff as well as managed print services providers find that feature set useful. Plenty of PrinterLogic customers can attest to the real-world results.

BankPlus, an independent community bank in Mississippi, rolled out PrinterLogic to unify its print environment through centralized print management. In addition to dramatically reducing man hours and help desk calls, BankPlus eliminated 65 print servers across its branch offices thanks to PrinterLogic’s serverless printing. (Read that case study here.)

Designed to make life easier for the end user too

IT and managed print services providers aren’t the only ones who benefit from serverless printing and centralized print management. End users do as well.

That’s because PrinterLogic builds on that foundation to provide them with a self-service printer installation portal. When end users need a new printer, they can just visit the web-based portal, browse the optional floorplan maps to find the closest printer, and then safely install it—along with any necessary drivers—just by clicking on the printer icon. That saves them from having to call the help desk for routine installs. Which is also great news for IT support staff.

Meanwhile, executives appreciate PrinterLogic’s auditing capabilities because it gives them way more visibility into the organization. Admins and managed print services providers can set up automated reports on print activity to be emailed to department heads and decision-makers on a regular basis. That comprehensive data can be used to inform cost-cutting initiatives, printer fleet consolidation or identify excessive printer usage.

The net benefit of centralized print management is less work for IT admins and support staff along with smoother, more reliable day-to-day printing for end users. And PrinterLogic’s serverless printing also eliminates the cost and maintenance of legacy print infrastructure.

Put an end to inefficient, expensive fragmentation in your organization’s print environment—or the print environments of your managed print services customers. PrinterLogic is a quick, cost-effective and proven path to centralized print management.

Best of all, we take the guesswork out of implementation. Simply sign up today for a free, full-featured demo of our serverless printing software. That will give you the opportunity to try out our zero-footprint cloud solution, PrinterLogic SaaS, or our on-prem solution, PrinterLogic Web Stack, as a proof of concept for 30 days.