How to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency of Managed Print Services

Posted by Matt Riley

As enterprise technology becomes more complex and the day-to-day demands on IT increase, it’s easy to see why organizations are finding appeal in Managed Print Solutions. MPS providers are essentially consolidating the complexities of managing and supporting diverse printing environments into a single, all-inclusive service. From hardware maintenance, to consumables management, to workflow solutions, Managed Print Solution providers are experts at streamlining the resources and time required provide feature-rich printing experiences for customers across the globe.

Managed Print Services contracts save time and money. Many customer environments have multiple hardware vendors, and Managed Print Services originated as a way to consolidate service contracts across heterogeneous printer and copier deployments. As the marketplace has evolved and matured, MPS providers have expanded their offerings to include print management software and cost-saving solutions to reduce overall printing expenses. As a result, organizations across the world now view their Managed Print Services providers as strategic partners—not only saving money, but also helping them shape the end user printing experience.

As the solutions marketplace continues to grow, companies have multiple levers to continue driving strategic value from Managed Print Services partners. To maximize your cost savings and improve the efficiency of your Managed Print Services contracts, here are a few tips and suggestions.

Centralize your print management: If your print environment is spread across a large user base, centralizing print management through a solution like PrinterLogic allows your IT staff or your Managed Print Services provider to view and administer the entire print environment through a single pane of glass—even in globally distributed organizations.

Streamline your deployments: Driver deployments typically rely on scripting and group policy objects (GPOs), which can be complicated to implement and disruptive to end user productivity. PrinterLogic’s next-generation print management platform provides robust driver deployment options without relying on scripting or GPOs, enabling print management teams to select multiple ways to install printers on user workstations efficiently.

Enhance your VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a rising method of managing user desktop environments. As these solutions continue to grow in popularity, the complexity of managing printing and printer drivers in these environments has increased. PrinterLogic provides a rich feature set that can be utilized within your Citrix, VMware or other virtual solution to provide dramatic improvements to print management and printing availability.

Slim your infrastructure: Most organizations are actively looking for ways to reduce infrastructure footprint. For many organizations, print servers are the traditional method for managing drivers and the general print environment. Many Managed Print Services providers are taking advantage of PrinterLogic’s print management solution to deliver all the management features needed in a modern print environment, while completely eliminating print servers. Print Servers cost money, require management overhead, and act as a single point of failure. With PrinterLogic, you can get rid of all the pitfalls and downsides of print servers while maintaining the robust print management features you have come to expect and rely upon.

Empower your end users: Printer installation problems can be a significant pain for service desk teams and Managed Print Services providers. Without the right toolset, end users typically struggle to install printers and suffer from reduced productivity. With PrinterLogic’s intuitive self-service portal, end users are empowered to easily find and install printers with a single click. This portal reduces print-related help desk calls and greatly simplifies the process for end users to install devices on their workstations.

By discussing these topics and PrinterLogic’s enterprise printing software with your Managed Print Services provider, you can further elevate the strategic nature of that relationship. In addition to cost savings and productivity gains, your organization can enhance the end user experience with powerful enablement tools and driver deployment options. Ask your MPS provider today about PrinterLogic to find out how this can work for you.