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High Availability Printing for VMware

VMware environments offer many unique advantages, but when it comes to VMware printing, expectations are no different there than in any other environment. When users click “Print,” they want the print job to be sent to the correct printer quickly and without fuss. Seems simple enough, right?

Yet admins and end users alike can tell you that this isn’t always how things play out in the real world. Given the challenges of deploying the right printers and drivers to the right users in a virtual environment, VMware printing can suffer from a lack of availability, which results in irritated end users, overburdened IT support staff and loss of productivity.

The question, then, is how to ensure high availability printing in VMware environments. To achieve this, some organizations try to augment VMware’s native functionality with additional VMware printing solutions, but if those solutions don’t integrate seamlessly or provide a full suite of essential, easy-to-use print management tools, they can prove cumbersome and costly to administer.

At PrinterLogic, we understand those potential pitfalls. That’s why our next-generation print management solution works hand-in-hand with the VMware platform to deliver high availability printing—the very highest level of print availability, you could say—in even the most complex VMware implementations. And it’s able to do that by bringing its cutting-edge combination of centralized management, effortless printer deployment, end user empowerment and an incredibly light footprint to VMware printing.

What exactly does PrinterLogic bring to the table?

  • Superior print management: A single repository for your drivers and PrinterLogic’s intuitive web-based console allow you to oversee and control all the drivers and printers you use in VMware printing. All from a single pane of glass.
  • Reliable location-based printing: Using a variety of criteria, including IP and MAC address, you can have nearby printers deploy to users dynamically and automatically—even if they roam during a session—and guarantee high availability printing.
  • No rights, no scripts: PrinterLogic eliminates the need for group policy objects (GPOs) and scripts to handle printer assignments and targeted installations. That results in smoother deployments and faster logons.
  • Reduced infrastructure: Our print management solution is a comprehensive replacement for print servers and patchwork software solutions in VMware printing, allowing you to minimize your print hardware and streamline your print environment.
  • Self-service printer installation: In situations where users are not set up to receive printers automatically, they can access PrinterLogic’s user-friendly self-service portal to quickly identify nearby printers and install them with a single click.
  • Optimized WAN usage: Because PrinterLogic leverages direct IP printing to establish connections between virtual clients and printers, print job traffic traveling across the WAN is reduced. That not only cuts down on network traffic, it also ensures high availability printing as direct IP client–printer connections are far less vulnerable to WAN interruptions.

With PrinterLogic, no aspect of VMware printing or print management goes unenhanced. Its more reliable and granular printer deployments, improved bandwidth efficiency, effortless print and driver management, and elimination of GPOs and even print servers succeed in providing the high availability printing and the simplified VMware printing that help organizations save costs through reduced infrastructure, support and consumables usage.

And to distill that to its most basic: Once you’ve implemented PrinterLogic’s print management solution, every time users click “Print,” their print job will go to the right printer quickly and without fuss.