Give Your Print Environment Reporting and SNMP Monitoring

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a widespread and essential tool in any print environment, large or small. Through SNMP monitoring, you’re able to keep tabs on all the basic functions that have the potential to adversely affect the final link in the printing chain: the printer itself.

Almost all of today’s printers allow for SNMP monitoring of printer status, but not all print management solutions take advantage of this functionality and present it in a clear, consolidated fashion that gives IT admins immediate insight into everyday errors like low toner, empty paper trays or the operational state of printers across the enterprise—even (or especially) in distributed environments.

PrinterLogic excels by harnessing this vital and valuable protocol to provide SNMP monitoring of every compatible printer in your organization’s fleet. The accessible, at-a-glance console displays SNMP print notifications such as:

  • Paper low or empty
  • Low ink or toner
  • Ping status
  • Tray open
  • Operational state
  • Uptime
  • Lifetime page count

Such easy and effective SNMP monitoring through PrinterLogic has obvious practical benefits. Because it shows SNMP printer status in one convenient overview, you can quickly spot the online status of printers individually or in aggregate throughout the entire organization. Statistics like page counts and total uptime can alert you to which devices might be nearing the end of their lifetimes, allowing you to plan and budget for future replacement. And by capturing SNMP notifications like low ink, empty paper empty or open trays, you can troubleshoot common usage problems as they happen. Leveraging SNMP to monitor printer status remotely in PrinterLogic could be the difference between solving a problem proactively or being bombarded with dozens of phone calls to the service desk from end users who find themselves unable to print.

At PrinterLogic, we also know how important security is to your organization. That’s why we make the security of our print management software one of our top priorities. As PrinterLogic uses native SNMP print management mechanisms to field status reports from the SNMP agents, there are no hacks or add-ons that risk the possibility of introducing unwanted SNMP printer vulnerability.

The utility and ubiquity of SNMP make it a feature you shouldn’t let go to waste by opting for a lesser print management solution that doesn’t allow for robust, enterprise-wise SNMP monitoring. By using PrinterLogic’s incredible centralized administration in conjunction with SNMP to monitor printer status, you can easily stay on top of all aspects of your print environment—from initial deployment all the way to day-to-day operation.