Email to Print to Any Device

PrinterLogic’s email-to-print functionality (part of the Mobile Printing Advanced Module) doesn’t just work with any client. It also works with any network printer—even legacy devices. Plus there is no client-side email-to-print software to install, which makes management a breeze.

In enterprise-scale organizations, there is a lot of head-scratching over how best to implement mobile-printing capabilities. Is there a straightforward solution like email-to-print software? If so, how do you roll it out to everyone in the organization—especially BYOD and guest users? Will the associated print-management hassle be worth it? Does it require additional infrastructure like an email-to-print server?

Fortunately, there’s a single answer to all of the above: PrinterLogic. We offer on-premises and cloud-based next-gen print-management solutions. Both feature easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage Mobile Printing Modules with powerful email-to-print options right out of the box. There’s no need for a print server or separate email-to-print software because all of it—and a great deal more—is handled entirely by our solution.

For starters, let’s examine PrinterLogic’s email printing capabilities. This is handy in both on- and off-network scenarios—where a user, such as a freelancer or consultant, needs to print a file on a local printer but hasn’t set it up yet. Using any client computing device, the visiting user can send the file to a network printer’s dedicated email print address. After the file is received via email, the job will enter the print queue like any conventional job.

One of the reasons organizations are skeptical about automatic email printing is security. But with PrinterLogic’s email-to-print software doing the heavy lifting, each designated printer has a unique email print address known only to select users. You can also set up rule-based routing in your mail service provider to restrict email print jobs to specific file types and specific sender addresses or domains.

PrinterLogic customers have implemented email-to-print software in a number of ways. One customer put a dedicated email print device outside the firm’s main conference room so authorized auditors and consultants could print documents easily—even when they were isolated on the guest WiFi network.

Another customer with several work-from-home employees set up automatic email printing on specific in-house departmental printers. These employees could print documents securely for their colleagues to retrieve without having to remote in.

PrinterLogic’s email-to-print functionality doesn’t just work with any client; it also works with any network printer—even legacy devices. And, there’s no client-side email-to-print software to install, which makes the workflow easy.

As I said at the outset, PrinterLogic’s mobile printing capability offers more than just a way to implement email-to-print functionality. It’s actually a full-featured printing solution for every mobile device in your organization. It offers a tailored—yet seamless—experience for your authorized mobile users, regardless of whether they’re running iOS, Android or another mobile OS. To print, these users simply tap the Share button, then “Print,” and finally select a designated PrinterLogic printer.

As with email to print, you can control who’s allowed to print and customize the output options, like setting print quotas and limiting printing to black and white. There is no custom app, no manufacturer-specific limitation on what kind of network printer you can use, and no concerns about compatibility glitches that can occur with the next mobile OS upgrade.

Whether you choose PrinterLogic’s on-premises solution or the SaaS option of PrinterCloud, you’ll get convenient email-to-print functionality and full-featured mobile printing capabilities for your entire organization—all in one cost-effective enterprise print-management solution.