Simplify Windows Virtual Desktop Printing with PrinterLogic

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the latest virtualization solution to hit the market. There’s been a ton of buzz about it. And, because it leverages Microsoft’s powerful Azure platform, WVD will facilitate a wave of cloud-computing initiatives. 

For one thing, users can securely interact with virtual Windows 7 and multi-user Windows 10 services—whether it’s a complete desktop experience or just select apps.

With any new virtualization solution comes the need for virtual desktop printing. That’s where the added complexity comes in. Virtualization was designed for dynamic environments, whereas printing was designed for static ones.

Many enterprise print solutions may claim to smooth out some of the bumps associated with virtual desktop printing, but their solutions often require more infrastructure. And that kind of defeats the point of moving to the cloud.


A Cloud Solution Optimized for Cloud Solutions

PrinterLogic SaaS is a true next-gen enterprise solution for virtual desktop printing. It’s a serverless printing infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with Windows Virtual Desktop to provide reliable, intuitive printing to your entire workforce. Including mobile users.

Here are specific ways that PrinterLogic SaaS enhances printing in WVD while also supporting your wider cloud-computing initiative.


  • Eliminate print servers: Thanks to centrally managed direct IP printing, PrinterLogic’s serverless print infrastructure completely removes print servers from the IT equation. That results in higher print availability, improved security, and fewer help-desk calls.
  • Configure automatic printer deployments: With WVD, getting printers to mobile users can be like trying to hit a moving target. PrinterLogic makes it easy to configure advanced deployments that dynamically deliver printers to users based on precise Active Directory criteria as well as a range of IP addresses. End users consistently get the right printers wherever they log in.
  • Get rid of scripts and GPOs: Those advanced deployments I just mentioned? They don’t require Group Policy or scripts, which are unreliable and can slow login times. Using the admin console in PrinterLogic SaaS, you can easily configure detailed default settings and custom options for printers across the enterprise.
  • Keep print traffic local: Because PrinterLogic SaaS creates direct IP connections between clients and printers, print traffic doesn’t have to cross the WAN. That means print job data runs a much lower risk of exposure, and it never gets passed to third-party cloud services.
  • Use native print drivers: Some enterprise print solutions often request (or even require) that you use universal drivers. That might increase stability, but it can also mean sacrificing features. PrinterLogic SaaS lets you keep your native print drivers and all their functionality. What’s more, it stores them in a single repository so they’re easier to manage.
  • Support any device: PrinterLogic SaaS is platform agnostic. Even when it comes to mobile devices. So you can support your entire workforce whether they’re using virtual desktop printing with WVD or mobile printing with a BYOD.


The Technical Nitty Gritty

You might be wondering how PrinterLogic works with Windows Virtual Desktop. That integration is as straightforward as the solution itself.

First, the PrinterLogic client is installed on Windows, macOS or Linux endpoints. That can be done however you like, such as with your existing automated deployment software. Next, printers and drivers are deployed to the endpoints using the web-based PrinterLogic admin console, which offers a single pane of glass for managing your entire print environment.

Local PrinterLogic printers then appear as redirected printers in the WVD session when the user logs in. To print, the user does what they normally do—click “Print.” At this point, the print job is created and compressed on the WVD session server, then sent back to the endpoint. From there, the print job is spooled and gets routed to the selected printer via direct IP.

Simple and reliable. That’s all there is to it.


Test PrinterLogic SaaS with Virtual Desktop Printing in Your Organization

If you’ve already migrated to Windows Virtual Desktop, we encourage you to test PrinterLogic SaaS in your environment to see how it performs. Start your trial today and you’ll be able to put it through the paces for 30 days. Completely free of charge.

And you can also take advantage of PrinterLogic SaaS to help smooth your migration to WVD in the future. Test it alongside—or in place of—your existing enterprise print solution, and you’ll see how our serverless print infrastructure creates a scalable, secure and cost-effective platform for further moves into the cloud.

For more information on how PrinterLogic can simplify WVD printing, check out our whitepaper.