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Easy iOS Cloud Printing with PrinterLogic SaaS

Posted by Devin Anderson

Whether it’s a matter of security, ease of use or style (or maybe even a combination of all three), iOS devices have been rapidly adopted in the enterprise. That’s called for some adjustments and accommodations on the part of IT departments, not least where printing is concerned. To cloud print in iOS, Apple naturally recommends AirPrint-compatible devices. But do you really have to purchase new hardware in order to implement true enterprise iOS cloud printing?

Thanks to PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterCloud), the answer is no. PrinterLogic’s next-generation enterprise cloud printing solution enables your iOS users to cloud print from their iPhones and iPads to any network printer. Even legacy printer models. That’s because PrinterLogic SaaS features our advanced Mobile Printing capability, which puts enterprise cloud printing in the hands of any mobile user, regardless of their brand of device or its operating system. And there’s zero client-side software to install.

To cloud print in iOS, all a user has to do is tap the Share button, then “Print,” and finally select a PrinterLogic printer. That’s it. There’s no Bonjour interfacing, specialized hardware or custom app needed.

If the user is off-network or owns a BYOD device, enterprise cloud printing is just as easy. Using email-to-print functionality, guests and off-network employees can print to select printers from any mobile device via that printer’s dedicated email address. By setting restrictions and using rule-based routing in their organization’s mail service provider, admins can place restrictions on allowable file types and lock down who’s allowed to cloud print to a given printer.

Effortless enterprise iOS cloud printing is just one of the advantages of PrinterLogic SaaS compared to other cloud-based printing solutions. PrinterLogic SaaS is based on the same unique combination of direct IP printing and centralized management that powers PrinterLogic’s on-premises enterprise print management software. As such, it’s able to deliver features and ease of use that are unparalleled by current enterprise cloud printing offerings. They include:

  • Seamless integration with VMware and Citrix. An enterprise iOS cloud printing solution that not only supports but actually enhances printing in challenging virtual environments? Hard to believe, but it’s true. PrinterLogic SaaS builds on the proven strengths of its on-premises counterpart.
  • Intuitive yet powerful print management. PrinterLogic SaaS doesn’t stop at basic enterprise cloud printing. It also provides superior print management, so you can quickly add, remove and administer printers as well as drivers anywhere in the organization from a single pane of glass. Setting defaults and configuring advanced options are often as easy as ticking a checkbox—no matter if it’s for individual users or entire departments.
  • Printer deployment without scripts and GPOs. Getting the right printers to the right users has traditionally relied on group policy objects (GPOs) and custom scripts. Not in PrinterLogic SaaS. You can eliminate scripts and GPOs from your deployment toolbox while enjoying full Active Directory integration and granular deployments that are dynamic, automatic and above all accurate.

Because PrinterLogic SaaS leverages direct IP printing, its WAN reliance is vastly reduced relative to other enterprise cloud printing solutions. For example, print jobs travel straight from the client to the printer rather than being routed across the WAN on a round trip to the cloud print server and back. That has the potential to cut WAN data traffic significantly. Also, the client doesn’t need to communicate with PrinterLogic SaaS via the WAN every time a print job is initiated. If the link to the WAN is interrupted, end users can continue printing as normal.

Oh, and did I mention that you can also eliminate print servers with PrinterLogic SaaS?

If you’re looking for the ideal enterprise iOS cloud printing solution, maybe it’s time to think beyond that. PrinterLogic SaaS is capable of making your entire print backbone leaner, more efficient, more powerful and far more cost-effective than any traditional or current cloud print solution.