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Corporate Printing Solutions for Productivity

Of all the eye-opening stats on employee productivity and how it impacts corporate success, one in particular stands out: Once an interruption distracts you from your current task, it takes an average of 23 minutes, 15 seconds to get back on track.

Firsthand experience can attest to that. We can all relate to losing ourselves down the rabbit hole of social media when all we wanted was a quick status check. Or being sidetracked by a barrage of emails when we’re in the middle of something more urgent. Or suddenly getting called into an unplanned meeting, completely knocking us out of our groove.

The familiar productivity-sapping scenario I’d like to focus on, though, is trying to print a document only to find that the printer isn’t responding. And so the troubleshooting begins: Is it out of paper? Is there a jam? Did the job print somewhere else? Is the correct printer even installed? Maybe something’s wrong with the print server? Has the spooler crashed?

Add those instances up for every employee over an entire year, and it quickly becomes clear how your choice of corporate printing solution has a direct and profound effect on employee productivity.

PrinterLogic = fewer servers = more productivity
Common corporate printing solutions—print servers, for example—address one problem by creating several others. Sure, they help to consolidate enterprise print management, but they also add infrastructure that creates single points of failure. That additional infrastructure gives admins more to oversee, manage and maintain, and the single points of failure cause downtime that limits print availability for end users.

PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure eliminates print servers completely from the print environment. With print servers gone, admins no longer have to spend time keeping tabs on that added (and unnecessary) hardware and software. There’s also no need for future server migrations. That equates to less time spent on enterprise print management—both on a day-to-day basis as well as in the long run.

For the end user, the elimination of print servers through a serverless printing infrastructure means increased print availability. There are no more spooler crashes preventing whole groups of users from printing. With PrinterLogic, a self-service installation portal also allows end users to install authorized printers themselves with a single click, which avoids complex printer-mapping procedures and helps to prevent incorrect printers from being installed.

You can take all of these benefits and draw a direct line to increased productivity. End users can print when and where they need to, so they aren’t wasting their time making help-desk calls to solve printing issues. Likewise, IT support staff aren’t having to field those calls, and in turn, admins no longer have to take time away from more pressing tasks to deal with print-related support tickets.

PrinterLogic streamlines enterprise print management
PrinterLogic achieves a serverless printing infrastructure through its next-generation approach to direct-IP printing. In stark contrast to print servers and similar legacy corporate printing solutions, this approach makes client-to-printer connections far more straightforward and stable while also allowing for centralized management. Instead of having to hop from one print server to the next, admins in distributed organizations have a single window onto their entire print environment with PrinterLogic.

In environments with one or more remote sites, the time- and cost-saving advantages of that single pane of glass is obvious. But what about deployments? Does seamlessly migrating to PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure mean having to sacrifice the tools and the advanced functionality of enterprise print management?

Not at all. PrinterLogic actually offers increased ease of administration and greater control compared to conventional corporate printing solutions. Thanks to its highly configurable advanced deployments without any need for scripts or GPOs, PrinterLogic gives admins the ability to provision printers to individual users or entire groups based on extensive Active Directory criteria, including IP addresses. That leads to reliable deployments and reliable printing, which translates to fewer interruptions and more productivity.

Remove the roadblocks to productivity
Right now, your corporate printing solutions are sources of non-stop interruptions. At an average of more than 23 minutes apiece, those interruptions are putting serious limits on productivity across your organization—from end users all the way up to IT admin staff.

PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure coupled with its centralized, full-featured enterprise print management removes those roadblocks to productivity. That’s exactly what organizations like Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) discovered after implementing PrinterLogic and making use of its self-service installation portal, print-server elimination capabilities and effortless remote management (read the case study here).

To better appreciate how easy it is to migrate to PrinterLogic and start reversing the manifold effects of lost productivity, sign up today for a free demo of our next-gen enterprise printing solution. You’ll be able to set it up and test its features in your own environment for 30 days. If print servers have driven you and your end users to distraction, you’ll welcome the reliability, simplicity and ease of use that PrinterLogic brings to enterprise print management.