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Common Meditech Printing Problems and Issues

Managing a Meditech printing environment can be a challenge. Not only do you have to deal with the ordinary challenges of Windows printing, you also have to deal with making sure each of your Meditech print servers all have the same printers, with the same settings and configuration. If a Meditech printer admin creates a new printer, but doesn’t get it installed on one of the print servers, it could cause a problem down the line.

Even more common are typos. If the admin gets the printer name slightly wrong, then that printer might as well not have been created on that printer at all. Multiply this issue with the fact that each server could have hundreds, or even thousands, of printers installed, and you can have a very big issue on your hands.

Enterprise printer management software, such as PrinterLogic, can help alleviate the challenges of deploying and managing printers on your Meditech print servers. With PrinterLogic, instead of having to go to each print server every time a new printer is added or each time a printer needs to be modified, you just need to make your change once from a central management console, and the additions and changes will get copied to each of the servers automatically.

This can dramatically reduce the number of opportunities for user error (not to mention the time savings in printer management), resulting in fewer problems with your Meditech printing environment.