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Citrix Printing Tools from PrinterLogic

Posted by Devin Anderson

PrinterLogic provides a number of integrated Citrix printing tools that make it even easier to work with Citrix environments and avoid common Citrix printing problems. Better still, with PrinterLogic as your Citrix print manager, you have the flexibility to use your preferred method of Citrix printing. That makes our print management solution a powerful complement to your current print environment.

The three provisioning methods PrinterLogic employs for Citrix printers are:

  • Citrix Universal Printer
  • Session printers
  • Citrix auto-created printers

For the first, it’s a matter of using PrinterLogic to provision direct IP printers to the endpoint device, then having users print to the Citrix Universal Printer during their virtual session. For the second method, PrinterLogic provisions direct IP session printers to users. Each of these methods is incredibly easy to set up and makes printing from Citrix much more efficient and less resource-intensive. They also provide the following benefits:

  • Print job compression: Reduces the size of the files to be printed, which in turn reduces the amount of bandwidth required to transmit the print job to the Citrix printer. The aggregate effect within an organization can be staggering.
  • Driver-less printing: Files are sent from the workstation to the endpoint device without the need to install or maintain a driver.
  • Simplified administration: With PrinterLogic as your Citrix print manager, you enjoy PrinterLogic’s renowned ease of use and extensive management features.

When using the third Citrix printing solution—that is, auto-created printers—PrinterLogic also provisions direct IP session printers as above. But it leverages different strengths to deliver a host of benefits such as:

  • Instant printer creation: Citrix printers are created for each session with zero delay.
  • Improved Citrix server performance: PrinterLogic’s intelligent optimizations reduce WAN bandwidth requirements and other demands on the server that can delay printing in Citrix as well as logon times.
  • Citrix Universal Printer Driver support: You can take advantage of the universal driver, avoiding the need for custom or manufacturer-supplied drivers that can cause conflicts.
  • Proximity printing: Also known as location-based printing, this feature will deploy the right physical printers to the right users at the right time—even if they roam during a session.
  • No rights management: This simplifies printer management in Citrix and removes a potential source of error.
  • Easy printer deployment: You can make use of PrinterLogic’s automation for rapid mass deployment of Citrix printers.
  • Self-service printer installation: End users are able to view and install Citrix printers themselves with a single click—and without having to call the service desk for assistance.

Thanks to these feature-rich Citrix printing tools, you can implement PrinterLogic to eliminate your print servers and their related costs while actually enhancing your Citrix environment. For a handy at-a-glance overview of all this functionality, check out this page on Citrix printing using PrinterLogic.