The Benefits of Print Job Auditing and Reporting

Have you ever wanted to know what your end users were printing, or how often they are printing? Or, have you ever wanted to know who or what department uses the most printer consumables?

Whether you are managing a small or large environment, the ability to audit print jobs is essential to tracking printer consumables and keeping track of who is using those consumables. End users typically don’t know how much their work and/or personal print jobs are costing the company. All they know is they have an awesome printer at work that can print all the flyers they need for their yard sale in a snap. Over time, the cost of those jobs can add up.

But before you can control these expenses, you must first be able to track them. This is why you need a print auditing solution that can show you:

  • The date of the print job
  • The time the print job was submitted
  • Who submitted the print job
  • What printer they used
  • What document they printed
  • How many pages it was
  • If it was color or b&w
  • If it used duplex
  • The size of paper used
  • Their AD department
  • Their AD manager’s name
  • The AD job title

With this information, you would have enough hard data to implement a new printing policy for charge back on jobs that are not related to work. If you already have a printing policy then you now have the ability to track what is being printed and enforce it.

With PrinterLogic’s solution you have the ability to run print job audit reports that include all of the above plus more. PrinterLogic is a powerful on-premise web application that helps eliminate print servers in your enterprise printing environment and replace them with centrally managed direct IP printers. One of the three main components of this solution is a small client that runs as a system service with admin rights on each workstation. The client has the ability to see and store print job metadata as each user prints. Within the PrinterLogic solution you can run a handful of different reports based on this metadata. These reports include:

  • Overview reports that display charts, graphs and printing statistics, including:
    • Printing summary
    • By Week
    • By Hour
    • Application Usage
    • Job and Page Counts
    • Simplex/Duplex
    • Black and White vs. Color
    • Paper Size
  • Audit reports that show you usage and print job accountability over a select time and date range:
    • Records (historical printing information)
    • Users (pages printed per user)
    • AD Job Title
    • AD Manager
    • AD Department
    • Printer (pages printed per printer)
    • Folder (pages printed per printer in a folder)

Once you have run a selected report you can export it to a CSV file that can be used for auditing, user charge-back, department charge-back, tracking of printer consumables and finding out which printers are being over-utilized or underutilized. If you would like to learn more about PrinterLogic’s powerful solution and how it can help you in your enterprise printing environment, reach out to our team and schedule a live demo of the software and get your hands on a free 30 day trial.