A Software Print Solution to Integrate iOS Devices into Existing Print Infrastructure

Most studies on enterprise technology trends have found that somewhere around 75% of companies deem mobile devices to be essential to their operations. Those same studies also point out that a similar percentage of companies struggles with BYOD adoption.

No wonder so many enterprise IT professionals have a love/hate relationship with mobile devices.

One of the most common roadblocks to BYOD policies has little to do with the devices themselves. It’s actually rooted in corporate printing. Companies naturally have a hard time getting their existing corporate infrastructure to support a random assortment of smartphones and tablets. They have an even harder time accommodating that mix of devices in their print-management software.

On top of that, several mobile printing solutions are OS- or printer-specific. They only work with certain types of mobile devices or certain types of printers. So they’re limited right out of the gate.

Understandably, all that headache and hassle over corporate printing leaves companies asking whether a wider BYOD policy is even worth it. Yet that doesn’t stop employees from repeatedly asking to use their preferred mobile devices.


Add mobile-friendly printing

PrinterLogic enables your company to incorporate mobile devices into the everyday printing process without any upheaval. There’s no need to abandon your current print infrastructure. There’s not even a need to go and buy new multifunction printers. And rather than adding print servers, you can eliminate them from your print environment instead.

How does that happen? Simple. PrinterLogic’s enterprise print-management solution is serverless, printer-agnostic and OS-agnostic. That means you can deploy it quickly and seamlessly in literally any corporate printing scenario. From there, you can extend mobile and BYOD printing capabilities to any client and any network printer.


Integrating iOS devices into corporate printing

Before we get any further, it’s important to make one thing clear: PrinterLogic’s mobile printing solution supports Android and iOS equally well. We don’t play favorites. But since iPhones and iPads are a popular BYOD option, we’re going to use them as our example here.

So let’s say you have an employee with an iPhone. For them to print to a nearby printer, all they have to do is tap the “Share” button and select a PrinterLogic printer. As long as they’re authorized, their mobile print job will then be relayed to their chosen printer just like a standard print job.

What’s notable about this is that there are no intermediary print servers to complicate things. And there’s no client-side software to install. That user’s iPad already has everything it needs to print via PrinterLogic. Furthermore, PrinterLogic’s print-management software allows admins to stay on top of devices and keep printer access locked down.


Next level mobile printing

That alone might be all that most companies would want. But PrinterLogic’s mobile printing solution lets you build on that with a secure print option.

The Print Release App from PrinterLogic lets end users securely release waiting print jobs right from their iOS or Android devices. If we look at that same iPhone-owning employee, in this scenario their print job(s) will be held at their workstation after initiating. The employee can then launch the Print Release App right on their smartphone, view their print jobs, and release one—or all—of them to a specific printer.

Once again, this brings a sought-after, user-friendly feature to corporate printing with minimal IT effort. There’s no software solution to provision. It even leverages the devices that are already in users’ hands. That saves costs and time while enhancing productivity.


Customers love PrinterLogic

All of that sounds amazing in theory. But what about in the real world?

Hunton & Williams, LLP is a renowned international law firm. Their highly mobile userbase wanted to print from BYOD iPhones and iPads, but investing in AirPrint and messing with Bonjour protocols just wasn’t an attractive option to the IT staff.

The firm migrated to PrinterLogic to solve its broader corporate printing issues and found our print-management solution to be an equally outstanding mobile printing solution. By eliminating print servers and introducing native printing from iOS devices, PrinterLogic brought newfound visibility, flexibility, ease of management and cost savings to the firm’s print environment. Check out that case study here, then be sure to schedule a free PrinterLogic demo for yourself.