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A Checklist to Find the Right Print Management Solution for Your Company’s Print Infrastructure

Thanks to the increased adoption of serverless printing, companies now have real choice when it comes to picking the perfect print-management solution.

For many years, conventional direct IP printing or print servers were the default approaches to print infrastructure. Each of those legacy models has limitations on how the print environment can be managed.

Recently, more and more organizations have recognized the power and flexibility of a serverless print infrastructure like PrinterLogic. That’s opened up new possibilities for print management as well as enterprise printing as a whole. Here are some things to consider when determining the right solution for your organization.

Pinpoint where print management needs to improve

Before deciding on the ideal print management solution for your company, there are some important things to consider. You can better identify these by taking a cold, hard look at your company’s print environment and listing the major pain points in your enterprise printing. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Can your existing print management solution scale?

With traditional direct IP printing, print management rapidly becomes unsustainable. Changes to printers and settings have to be performed for each machine. Print servers, on the other hand, usually require more and more infrastructure as your company grows.

How much time should IT be spending on print management?

Print-related support often makes up a disproportionate amount of the total helpdesk tickets. Things like printer installation and basic print troubleshooting eat up a lot of IT’s time and resources. That’s true for both conventional direct IP printing and print servers.

Is there untapped potential for optimization?

Enterprise print environments are notoriously inefficient. Legacy printers exist alongside feature-rich newer models. Expensive, high-maintenance server infrastructure accumulates over time. Users might not always print to the closest device, and they can develop wasteful habits toward consumables like paper and toner.

Are we getting the most bang for our buck?

Many organizations have a wishlist of enterprise printing functionality—features like secure release printing, mobile/BYOD printing and advanced reporting. Unfortunately, these features never get rolled out because they’re incompatible with certain devices or too resource-intensive.

Superior print management starts with infrastructure

At the end of the day, the potential of your print management solution will depend on your current print infrastructure. Traditional direct IP printing doesn’t lend itself to at-a-glance oversight and convenient management. And print servers, whether they’re distributed or consolidated, are high-maintenance single points of failure.

A serverless print infrastructure like PrinterLogic moves beyond those drawbacks, making streamlined print management a natural extension of streamlined printing. The scalability, ease of use, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that elude legacy enterprise printing solutions are suddenly within reach.

Among tons of other benefits, PrinterLogic’s unique combination of next-gen direct IP printing and centralized print management:

  • unifies print management (including driver management) in a single console
  • enhances both management and deployment of printer objects
  • eliminates print servers and their unnecessary infrastructure
  • reduces the number of printer-related issues, easing the burden on the IT team 
  • optimizes the printing workflow while adding resiliency to everyday printing
  • increases visibility into the entire print environment
  • simplifies the implementation of optional enterprise printing features like secure release or BYOD printing
  • empowers end users to safely install printers themselves
  • helps organizations rein in excessive print costs through reporting and auditing

Those are exactly the results that Physician Partners of America experienced after moving to PrinterLogic. Using our serverless print infrastructure and its incredible print management, they’ve been able to grow through acquisition and even migrate their workstation environment more smoothly. Read the case study here.

Switch to a serverless print infrastructure in under a week

PrinterLogic’s automated migration process can help your company switch to serverless printing quickly and seamlessly. One survey showed that close to 70% of our customers were enjoying robust enterprise printing and effortless print management within a single work week.