7 Unseen Costs in Corporate Printing

Corporate printing costs can be a lot like printers themselves. They’re there, always in the background, and you don’t really notice them until they start acting up or get out of control. This means that, in most corporate printing scenarios, there are a lot of unseen costs that could be weighing on your bottom line.

Before they can attempt to scurry back into hiding, let’s bring some of these corporate printing costs out into the open. For each item, we’ll also take a look at how PrinterLogic’s next-generation print management solution can help alleviate them.

  1. Printing hardware: Inexpensive printers and copiers have lower price tags upfront, but they could be adding to corporate printing costs over time because they generally require more maintenance and oversight.
    How PrinterLogic helps: Our print management solution maximizes your hardware investment by prolonging the useful life of legacy machines. Through PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing and Mobile Printing software modules, you can easily add next-gen features to your existing fleet.
  2. Power consumption: Laser printers and photocopiers are high-drain devices. Each time they print a job, their fuser needs to heat to the high temperature required to bind the toner to the paper. The energy required for this heating process can actually be more inefficient in low-use corporate printing scenarios.
    How PrinterLogic helps: PrinterLogic’s Print Auditing feature gives you detailed insight into individual and aggregate printer usage, so you can optimize placement of your high-drain devices according to actual printing behavior.
  3. Lack of infrastructure consolidation: Many organizations are operating with far more print infrastructure than they need, usually in the form of non-shared printers and multiple print servers. All those devices cost money to purchase, operate and maintain.
    How PrinterLogic helps: Our mantra is “eliminate print servers” for a reason. You can replace dozens or even hundreds of print servers with a single instance of PrinterLogic. Not only does that minimize the footprint of your corporate printing infrastructure, it also gives you proven reliability and availability that no amount of print servers can match.
  4. Printing supplies: Few accountants and IT professionals would count supplies among “unseen” corporate printing costs, but it’s surprising how many end users forget that things like paper, ink and toner cost money. Overuse is rife and doesn’t come cheap.
    How PrinterLogic helps: Once again, PrinterLogic’s Print Auditing module will enable you to pinpoint the heaviest usage by user, workstation or department. You can also easily restrict printing options such as color/monochrome or paper tray. This is why it’s not uncommon for our customers to report drops of 50% or more in consumable usage after installing PrinterLogic.
  5. Lost productivity: Downtime and lack of printing availability has a serious impact on your bottom line. That much is obvious. But it’s often hard to translate the hours that end users spend on the phone with the service desk or drumming their fingers while waiting for a print server to come back online into lost revenue, which makes its impact on corporate printing far less visible.
    How PrinterLogic helps: By allowing end users to install printers themselves with a single click and print without any loss of core functionality even in the event of a server outage, PrinterLogic introduces unprecedented standards of uptime and availability.
  6. Technical support: As with printing supplies, this cost doesn’t go “unseen” by IT experts. Yet many organizations consider technical support to be a fixed and inescapable segment of corporate printing costs.
    How PrinterLogic helps: When end users are spending less time calling the service desk for routine printer installations and technicians aren’t dealing with complex deployments and print server crashes, corporate printing support costs shrink to levels you thought were unattainable. PrinterLogic makes that possible.
  7. Print management: Another hard-to-pinpoint—if not quite invisible—cost in corporate printing is the time spent on print management. Setting up tricky deployments using group policy and updating (or rolling back) drivers in traditional print environments eats up vast amounts of time that could be spent on other IT-related tasks.
    How PrinterLogic helps: PrinterLogic’s centralized print management console gives admins precise control over printer and driver deployments—all without the need for group policy or scripts. It’s even possible to make individual or batch profile changes by simply checking a box. No wonder so many of our customers have reduced time spent on print management by 30% or more by using PrinterLogic.

PrinterLogic’s print management solution gets to the root cause of “unseen” corporate printing costs, allowing your organization to reduce the time, money, resources and infrastructure necessary to operate an efficient, reliable and versatile enterprise print environment. And those savings will definitely be visible in your bottom line.