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3 Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Printing with PrinterLogic

**Originally Published May 12, 2020**

There’s no question that the pandemic played a huge role in making enterprise mobile printing the new “cool kid” at the lunch table. But, it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park to implement. The reason for this is simple. When the mobile revolution meets enterprise printing, it can feel more like a head-on collision than a synergy. You’ve got users with all different kinds of smartphones and tablets who want to print to all different kinds of printers.

According to a 2022 Future of BYOD report, 87% of businesses now rely on their employees to access applications through their own mobile devices. They count on workers to use their mobile devices outside of work to increase productivity and convenience. This signifies how a solution like mobile printing can further increase productivity in the workplace by giving mobile users a way to print on the go. 

For admins leaning toward becoming a mobile printing powerhouse, we’re here to tell you it’s not as difficult as you may think. 

Take the Uncertainty Out of Mobile Printing

It’s easy to get hung up on the unknowns of mobile printing, but if you understand what you’re trying to accomplish, it can simplify things. Here are some questions that need answers before you commit to a mobile printing solution:

  • Is it possible for your print environment to support a mix of software and hardware? 
  • How do you monitor and control authorizations? 
  • What kind of resources will you have to expend to manage it all?

To overcome potential obstacles, a mobile printing solution should offer organizations these three key benefits to make life easier for IT and their end users:

  1. It caters to dynamic environments: BYOD users, guests, and even employees visiting from remote offices can count on being able to print without calling on IT to install printers for them. 
  2. It’s compatible with any device: Every employee using mobile devices should be included right out of the gate. Mobile printing solutions must support all major smartphone and tablet brands and all major mobile operating systems.
  3. It’s compatible with any printer: You shouldn’t have to replace your printers just so you can have mobile printing capabilities. This saves you money on hardware and ensures every end user can print to any authorized network printer. 

PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution offers enterprises these benefits and then some. On top of our ability to eliminate print servers, our centrally managed platform makes it effortless for employees to print from mobile devices—even in the most dynamic workplaces. 

This is how our serverless printing infrastructure enabled a prominent international law firm, Hunton & Williams LLP, to eliminate its print servers completely while also introducing seamless enterprise printing support for its iOS devices. 

Mobile Printing Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Security

While PrinterLogic’s mobile printing is easy for IT to manage and easy for employees to use, there’s no compromise when it comes to security.

  • Secure by design: PrinterLogic’s serverless printing reduces risks by eliminating print servers. Its mobile printing capabilities build on that strong foundation and give IT the tools to specify who can print to which printers.
  • Built for the hybrid workforce: Who says remote printing can’t be secure? BYOD users and contractors operating on a 5G mobile network can access the printers they need—wherever they choose to work with Off-Network Printing
  • Retain control: Granular options allow admins to set quotas for how much guests can print as well as the permitted file types. They can even limit printing to black and white only.
  • Printer-specific release: Authorized users can choose their preferred destination printer when printing from their mobile device. Android and iOS users can take advantage of PrinterLogic’s Mobile App Print Release feature to securely and conveniently release their print jobs.

Clearly, the time is now for your mobile/BYOD users in enterprise printing. PrinterLogic is what makes that possible, and its serverless printing infrastructure can fully eliminate your print servers (and their vulnerabilities) in the process.