Automated Migration

Easily migrate printers from print servers and import unmanaged direct IP printers

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How it Works

  1. Migration tool copies printer objects & drivers from print servers into Admin Console
  2. CSV uploader mass imports any unmanaged direct IP printers
  3. Workstation Client silently converts Windows shared printers into direct IP
  4. Workstation Client assumes management of all printer objects




"I can import all information into PrinterLogic and I'm done. I don't have to rebuild anything. I don't have to worry about doing a manual migration. None of that. It’s that simple."

Chris Spradley

Systems Engineer

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Comparing Print Servers vs. Direct IP Printing

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From The Blog:

What if there was a way to get the centralized management benefits of a print server while maintaining the stability and efficiency of direct-IP printing? PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers while providing a way to centrally manage and install direct-IP printers. The solution lets you easily convert an existing Microsoft print server environment to direct IP and manage all the printers and drivers from a single web-based admin console. In addition, PrinterLogic gives you more visibility into printing activity with a robust reporting feature that allows you to see details about every print job and summaries by user, department, printer, and more.


of customers deployed within 5 days; 87% within 1 month


of surveyed organizations reduced remote server infrastructure by 30% or more


of customers are likely to recommend PrinterLogic