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Spark Better Decision-Making with Advanced Reporting

Leverage Advanced Reporting and SNMP Monitoring to save costs, reduce IT overhead, and improve printer support. 

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Stay One Step Ahead

Capture Print Activity in Real-Time

Improve your bottom line with real-time data on all print activity at the user and device levels. Seamlessly get full transparency into your print environment with the ability to track print job costs, store print job metadata, and integrate your printing data with existing business intelligence tools. Plus, send automated print activity reports to educate decision-makers about current consumable usage and cost.

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Pinpoint Changes with Print Auditing

Gain insight into printing trends by user, department, and location via automated cost analysis and receive notifications on abnormal print activity in your organization. Track user print activity to get the systemized data you need to recommend printing policy changes. Discover how much of your revenue is spent on printing and quantify how much time and money you saved by rolling out new print initiatives.

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Get the Features You Need for Long-Term Success

Detailed Tracking

Capture network, scan, and copy activity, to evaluate consumable usage on the user, device, and organizational level.

Metadata Recording

Gain insight into every print job and record metadata like timestamps, initiating users, workstations, document titles, and more.

Information Sharing

Educate company decision-makers on print costs and usage by scheduling reports to be sent automatically for specific time periods.

Clear Insights

Determine departmental usage, print usage, and overall paper waste with comprehensive charts and graphs to address sustainability initiatives.

Printer Monitoring

Identify the online status of every printer and capture notifications like low ink and empty trays to troubleshoot problems before they happen with SNMP.

Intuitive Integration

Store print job metadata independently and leverage it with your organization’s existing business intelligence tools.

Why Wait? Start your journey toward a more cost-effective print environment.

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Maximize Time, Minimize Problems

Manage Issues Before They Happen

Get instant alerts when printing issues happen with SNMP Monitoring. Quickly identify the online status of printers individually or cumulatively throughout your entire organization and get timely information like low ink, open printer trays, and a printer’s operational state. Solve problems proactively, stay on top of all aspects of your print environment, and remove print-related helpdesk calls from your agenda.

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“Once I saw how well PrinterLogic worked, that was enough to show me that there’s obviously more value than how easy it is. There’s additional insight we can gain into what's happening with our printers.”

Chris Mertens

Director of Information Technology

Hamilton County, Indiana

Save More with Advanced Reporting


reduction in print consumables achieved by the majority of PrinterLogic customers


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half


of customers experienced over 200% ROI with 87% reporting 100%

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