Eliminate Your Print Servers

Tired of wasting time on print-related tickets and dealing with constant spooler vulnerabilities? So were we. Eliminate your print servers and discover the future of print management. 



Print Management Made Easier

Get Centrally Managed Direct IP 

Ditch the costly legacy architecture and move to a direct IP print environment. Reduce your attack surface, keep your data secure, and lose the complex infrastructure that holds you back while gaining more control with centralized management.

Eliminate Scripts and GPOs 

Roll out updates, apply user changes, and add devices—all without scripting and GPOs. The PrinterLogic Admin Console makes it easy and even empowers your end users with a Self-Service Installation Portal, including floormaps to quickly choose the printer they need.

Reduce Print Tickets by 90%

Your team hates print-related helpdesk tickets, especially when they spend all day patching and fixing. Get that time back so your team, and you, can focus on more important initiatives. Anything but tickets.

How You Can Make the Switch to Serverless Printing


Simplify your transition.

Automatically import your existing printer objects and eliminate all print servers. Easily add all printers and devices regardless of manufacturer or model.


Streamline your management.

Centrally manage printer objects, drivers, profiles, and settings from our Admin Console. Get visibility into all users, devices, and more from one centralized screen.


Minimize IT needs.

Push new printers, updates, and changes to end users, without scripting or GPOs, on your team’s schedule. Keep your environment secure with automatic updates.


Maximize security.

Secure your data by keeping print jobs local. Utilize robust features like Off-Network Printing and Secure Release Printing to protect confidential information.

Trusted by over 10000 organizations worldwide

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We are thrilled to partner with PrinterLogic to offer our mutual customers a simplified and enhanced printing experience.

Ed Kraft

Technology & User Services Manager

Regal Ware, Inc.

With PrinterLogic, our IT staff is much happier. End users are happy too, with fewer printer issues.

Matthew Gracy

System Analyst

City of Napa

With PrinterLogic, we have removed our dependency on printer servers, which allows us to enable cloud-based solutions.

Daniel Blanton

Systems Manager

Embark Behavioral Health


Discover the Future of Serverless Printing

Get a demo with an expert that understands your unique needs.

See how you can centrally manage printer objects, drivers, profiles, and settings from our Admin Console and push updates and changes to end users without scripting or GPOs.

Start a free trial of our serverless solution.

Automatically import your existing printer objects and eliminate all print servers. See how it all works in a trial environment customized to your needs.

Smash those print servers!

Get rid of those dinosaurs and enjoy the simplicity of centralized print management combined with advanced features tailored to work for you.


Cloud Native from the Start

Print management shouldn’t be complicated or reliant on unsecure print servers. That’s why we built a simple, scalable, cloud native direct IP printing platform. And why we continually develop additional features—so it’s easy for you to keep up with new technology and keep costs down.

Learn more about our serverless technology →


of customers are likely to recommend PrinterLogic.


of customers reduced time spent on print management by more than half.


of customers reported at least 100% ROI.

Liberate your team from outdated print servers. Switch to our serverless direct IP infrastructure today. 



Get It All Together

Simple and Secure Integrations

Our native integrations seamlessly connect the tools you need every day. From EMR systems to IdP collaborations, you get visibility, security, and control for all printing on one unified platform.

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Ready to Try It for Yourself?

Get a customized demo with our experts to see how simple and secure eliminating your print servers can be.